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Archive & Distribution Portal

The OnSight Portal is a digital asset management (DAM) solution for Audio-Visual content.

The Portal is a digital archive and inhouse hosted service designed to organise and maximise efficiency and revenue potential of our customers content whilst offering a secure and easy-to-use home for their data. There are tailored library services to suit Artist Management archiving as well as Sales and Distribution tools.

OnSight is contracted with distributors and archive catalogues as their trusted digital partner, housing all their digital content for archiving, QC, Portal administration and digital delivery to platforms and channels, servicing companies such as Mercury Studios and some very high profiled rock bands, helping to monetise their content.

OnSight’s digital portal service has allowed us to store, access and monetise our content. We have a fabulous working relationship with the OnSight team and they always deliver! ┬áDave Trafford, Promotone

Portal Features:

A Secure Service
Personalised Digital Library
Easy access and delivery of Sales screeners and social media content
Content Quality Assessment and reporting
Data reporting of content usage
4K and HDR Broadcast and Digital Platform Delivery expertise
Account manager contact and technical support