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The Mountain Within Me

June 25, 2024

“Working with OnSight has been so smooth. Having everything under one roof meant that there was an ease of communication between different processes which ultimately leads to far greater creativity and a better film at the end. Also, everyone cared about the little things and bothered to take the time to make them right, I was super pleased with the final film… thank you.” – Polly Steele, Director

After suffering a catastrophic and almost fatal spinal cord injury, professional rugby player Ed Jackson’s world changed forever. 

THE MOUNTAIN WITHIN ME is a chronicle of Ed Jackson’s journey of recovery and challenges, summiting the heights of Snowdonia, the Alps, the Himalayas, and his own mental limits. 

From multi-award-winning director, Polly Steele and BAFTA and EMMY nominated producer, George Chignell, THE MOUNTAIN WITHIN ME is an inspiring, thought-provoking documentary about unexpected change, hope and finding renewed purpose in life. 

Ed Jackson is a former Rugby Union player who played at the highest level, but in April 2017 he was involved in a serious accident where he broke his neck and a serious spinal cord injury. This left him paralyzed from the neck down and doctors told him he would never walk again. When faced with life-changing injuries, Ed Jackson harnessed his determination to create a future for himself, his wife and his family that most thought impossible. 

This documentary follows Ed, and his wife Lois, as they undertake an extraordinary journey through the past and present and honestly discuss their future and the impact of living with a disability.

We were pleased to complete full Picture and Sound Post, with Senior Colourist Emily Russul Saib, Senior Online Editor Adam Sample, Sound Supervisor Andy Coles with the final mix, and Lead Post Producer Jeff Halsey. 

There will be limited UK preview Q&A screenings from the 19-23rd of August, and THE MOUNTAIN WITHIN ME will be in UK cinemas from the 23rd of August. You will be able to rent and own the film internationally from the 26th of August. 

For more information visit www.mountain-within-me.film