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River Of Blood

May 29, 2024

“Thanks again for the fantastic work and support on River of Blood – it has been a pleasure and I’ll be back for sure. Emily did a super job too, ‘quick and great’ is a rare talent!” Howard J. Ford, Director

Howard J. Ford’s psychological horror will take you along with four holidaying kayakers as they find themselves lost in the territory of a merciless cannibal tribe. Written by Tom Boyle, and produced by Ford and Boyle, Executive Producers are Rikke Ennis and Frederik Nelsson, with associate producer Kim Pijselman. Cinematography is by Rungroj Park  Rojanachotikul.

The film has been boarded by REinvent International Sales, and features Joseph Millson (Casino Royale, 2006; Angel Has Fallen, 2019; The Last Kingdom, 2015-2020), Louis James (Help, 2021), Ella Starbuck (Witch, 2022), David Wayman (The Ledge, 2022), and Sarah A. Marks (Witch, 2022; Escape, 2023).

Two young couples on a luxurious holiday at a jungle resort face a vacation gone terribly wrong. When AJ and Ritchie, old friends from college on vacation with their partners; Maya and Jasmine, try to put their relationship troubles aside and go on an adventure. Hiring an edgy guide Nick (Joseph Millson) for a kayaking tour through the jungle, the journey soon takes a dark turn when Ritchie mysteriously disappears. As they search for Ritchie, the couples unwittingly wander into the perilous territory of an indigenous tribe of cannibals known for their gruesome rituals. Their dream-vacation soon transforms into a nightmarish fight for survival on sacred land, with the tribe hot on their trail and picking them off one by one…

We had a great time working with Howard on River Of Blood, with Senior Colourist Emily Russul Saib, Online Editor Andrew Fisun, Senior Edit Assistant Alfie Mitchell (conform), Post Producer Cem Kilinchan, Head Of Development Tony Maher, and Development Producer Amelia Dive working to bring this gruesome and terrifying film to life.