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Black Cab

May 28, 2024

Bruce Goodison’s supernatural horror Black Cab has been boarded by Film Constellation. Starring Nick Frost (Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz) as a disturbed and volatile can driver, who picks up Synnøve Karlsen (Last Night In Soho) and Luke Norris (The Colour Room). They soon find out that their jovial black cab driver is not taking them home. Trapped on a desolate, supposedly haunted road, they are faced with their captor’s true intentions.

Black Cab is written by David Michael Emerson and Virginia Gilbert, with additional writing material from Frost, and cinematography by Adam Etherington. Jan Roldanus produces, and Sony Pictures Television and Stolen Pictures co-produce with AMC Networks’ Shudder. The film will be released on Shudder in North America, UK-Ireland, Australia and New Zealand later this year!

At OnSight, we were happy to build the sound for the film. Andy Coles was responsible for the Full Mix & Deliverables (Nearfield and Theatrical) and Barry Donnelly handled Dialogue, Tracklay, Foley, FX and Pre-Mix, overseen by Post Producer Cem Kilinchan.