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Gladiators premieres in the USA on Love Nature!

January 10, 2024

‘We’re so happy with how Gladiators turned out. The OnSight team pulled out all the stops to create a stunning HDR audio-visual feast. The uncompromising detail in picture and sound design takes you right inside moments of pure drama.’  – Martin Williams, Executive Producer

The 4 part natural history series will come out in the USA on the 20th of January on Love Nature, where you can unlock the killer secrets and ingenious tactics of nature’s toughest fighters. The show takes you to four incredible ecosystems around the world where wild gladiators, from the smallest ants to the biggest bears, battle for the ultimate prize: survival. Narrated by Sean Bean!

Talesmith’s Gladiators is created for Love Nature and Sky, with Showrunner Alex Hemingway, Directors Amabel Adcock and Will Benson, Production Manager Jolene Filmer, Executive Producers Ruth Roberts and Martin Williams.

We were pleased to complete full Picture and Sound post for this project, with Colour by Emily Russul Saib, Pre-mix by Andy Coles, Dubbing Mixer Andrew Wilson, Online Editors Adam Sample and Andrew Fisun, Conform Editor James Davies, and DAC Morgan Hood, overseen by Senior Post Producer Joana Coelho. The post for Gladiators was a great experience for our team, who relished and rose to the challenge of complex archive footage of differing qualities and frame rates and tight deadlines.

A little more on the ecosystems and the inhabitants you can expect to meet in Gladiators:


On the great savannah of southern Africa, the dry season is tightening its grip on a small watering hole. Here, a group of gladiators – big and small – are being drawn into dangerous proximity. 


Australia, a land cast adrift at the time of the dinosaurs. Isolated for millions of years, the animals here are like nowhere else on Earth. Evolution has transformed them into freaks of nature…and the wiliest gladiators on the planet. 


Across the tropical Americas, a dense and vibrant jungle dominates. Here, a group of young gladiators are looking to earn their stripes. 


In America’s far North, shrouded by forests and encircled by jagged peaks, lies a tidal arena of rivers, marshes and shorelines.  The animals here are the ultimate fighters.