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ANOTHER BODY is going to theatres and releasing online!

November 3, 2023

“ANOTHER BODY required a very precise post-production process due to the fact that the film was completely anonymized. We used many technologies to achieve this, including Deepfaking, 2D & 3D animation. OnSight was an integral partner to the film. The team was conscious of all of the different technical restrictions we were facing, while still delivering a beautifully mixed final cut. We are grateful to have collaborated with OnSight, they approached our project with immense care and detail.” – Sophie Compton & Reuben Hamlyn, Directors

ANOTHER BODY follows a college student’s search for justice after she discovers deepfake pornography of herself circulating online.

Following its World Premiere at SxSW, where the film won the Special Jury Award for Innovation in Storytelling, ANOTHER BODY continued its successful festival run at Hot Docs and has picked up several awards along the way. WILLA’s new documentary released theatrically in New York and LA in October and is also available to watch on Apple TV and Amazon Prime in the US. ANOTHER BODY screens at IDFA on November 11th and will then return to London at the Curzon Soho on November 24th!

Directors Sophie Compton and Reuben Hamlyn showcase a victim-first telling of the disturbing, vulnerable, and lawless world of intimate image abuse. Nikki Baughan (Screen International) called it ‘a sensitive, respectful but necessarily frank approach to this challenging subject’, and John Fink (The Film Stage) put it simply: ‘A film like this is essential viewing.’ 

The two main contributors are the heart of the film, and showcase the impact for individuals in real life beyond the crime online. ANOTHER BODY is detective in style, allowing the subjects to lead us through uncovering their own mystery, highlighting the lack of authority assistance. ANOTHER BODY is produced by Elizabeth Woodward, and the Cinematography is by Nausheen Dadabhoy, with the documentary mostly made up of Zoom interviews and reconstruction of online spaces. The real and terrifying prevalence of the issue really hits home when the main twist is revealed. Utopia Movies will be releasingANOTHER BODY in the USA in partnership with WILLA, and Modern Films is releasing the film in the UK where it will show at Curzon Soho starting on November 24th.

Intimate image offences, online sexual harassment, and now deepfake videos have been growing with the advancement of technology and AI, and the lack of legislation criminalising them. Research company Sensity AI has found that since 2018 between 90% and 95% of deepfake videos online are non consensual pornography. Campaigns like “My Image My Choice”, which was started by the film team, have long been fighting to change the US and UK laws on sharing private images without consent, and ANOTHER BODYdemonstrates the huge personal cost and struggle faced by survivors.

Picture Post Production was delivered by OnSight, with colour by Emily Russul Saib and online edit by Adam Sample, overseen by Post Producer Jade Townsend. The project had a very tight deadline, and much of the footage was self shot by the contributors, along with lots of 3D reconstructions and regenerated social media and website pages. There was a considerable amount of work that went into hiding the identity of the two contributors; demonstrating the effectiveness of deepfake technology, and allowing the anonymity twist. 

“ANOTHER BODY is a powerful film that is timely, unsettling, and innovative in its storytelling. The use of deep fake technology is on the rise, and directors Sophie Compton and Reuben Hamlyn cleverly and thoughtfully employ it — by deep faking the subjects of the film to protect their identities — to simultaneously convey what it’s capable of as well as its dangers. This creative and powerful technique underscores the film’s message, and will leave you feeling shock and awe.” – SXSW Jury


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