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Three years of success for OnSight projects at the GSCA Awards

October 23, 2023

OnSight have proved once more that they are the high bar for Giant Screen post production. After a clean sweep of the 2021 Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA) awards for the BBC’s Antarctica 3D, Terra Mater’s The Arctic: Our Last Great Wildernesswon Best Film in 2022. Now comes further huge recognition from the GSCA for the BBC’s Arctic: Our Frozen Planet as it becomes another multiple award winning giant screen film at the 2023 GSCA Awards.

At OnSight, part of our service is an expertise in delivering Giant Screen projects. This will often involve using our unique OPR (OnSight Picture Remastering) service. This covers full 6K picture post, 2D to 3D conversion, visual effects, shot extensions, bespoke giant screen deliverables and colour grading for both xenon and laser projection.