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Have You Got It Yet? The Story of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd will release in cinemas on the 15th of May

May 4, 2023

“The post team at ONSIGHT took our ten years of various Codecs and frame rates shot on Red cameras, Sonys, Canons, and Nikons, thousands of hours of footage edited for years in FCP7 migrated to DaVinci Resolve and got it to look and sound as if we had planned it all out in advance. And in the end, we all just want beauty and poetry….” – Roddy Bogawa, Director ‘Have You Got It Yet? The Story of Syd Barrett & Pink Floyd’.

Following the moment Barrett was kicked out of Pink Floyd, his ascent to groundbreaking musician, his recognition as an iconic rocker, and ultimately his portrayal as a manic, unstable star.

Syd Barrett (and Pink Floyd)

Syd Barrett, co-founding member of Pink Floyd in 1965, is the focus of a new documentary from A Cat Called Rover and Mercury Studios, unveiling the myth and legend embroiled in his story, and revealing the side of him known to those who were present in his life. 

Have You Got It Yet? The Story of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd documents the journey of Barrett and Pink Floyd against the backdrop of the swinging sixties. Epic highs and an unfathomable catapult into stardom, as well as the struggles with mental health, breakdowns, and ultimate exit from the band and public life in 1972. Private and reclusive from this point on, Barrett died from pancreatic cancer in 2006. 

It’s an incredibly powerful story about an iconic figure, with a very vivid mental health story at its heart. Yes, it’s about a guy who was fronting and creating one of the most iconic bands of all time, but it’s also about his incredible battle, and the ultimate loss of that battle, with mental health,” Alice Webb, CEO and Co-President of Mercury Studios.

Post Production

OnSight provided full post for Have You Got It Yet?, with Re-Recording Mixer Andy Coles completing the sound mix for the project, using archives and a wealth of great music, as well as the narration voiced by Jason Isaacs, recorded here at OnSight. The grade was completed by Senior Colourists Max Horton and Andy Lee, and as Online Editor, Andrew Fisun amended and dropped in all the lower thirds and opening/closing titles, as well as some archive conforming and making deliverables. The project was overseen by Senior Post Producer Jeff Halsey.

Storm Thorgerson

The documentary was initiated by Roddy Bogawa and the late Hipgnosis founder Storm Thorgerson (friend of Pink Floyd and behind some of their album artwork such as Dark Side of The Moon). After Thorgerson passed away in 2013, the project was paused.

Crucially, Storm Thorgerson wanted the story of Syd Barrett to be told from the perspective of people that knew and loved him. 

A Cat Called Rover and Mercury Studios 

Bogawa continued on and finished the documentary. It features a host of interviews; Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and David Gilmour, family and friends, and fellow musicians who admired him. 

It’s the tragic story of Brian Wilson and Kurt Cobain and many others in music and art whose explosive creative drives often rest on fragile exuberant energy that gets pressure cooked from their success. The film is not only a portrait of one of the most iconic cult figures in music through the lens and memories of his bandmates, lovers, friends, and musicians but also a look back at a group of friends growing up in the mid-sixties and their idealism, ambitions, hopes and dreams during such an amazing cultural moment.” – Roddy Bogawa.

Produced by Roddy Bogawa, Orian Williams, Julius Beltrame, and Rupert Truman, co-produced by Karen Skloss, with Executive Producers Geoff Kempin, Paul Loasby, Liz Silver, Luke Thornton, and Alice Webb, and with cinematography also by Rupert Truman, the feature length documentary will consist of these interviews, as well as the music of Pink Floyd and Barrett.