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The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness wins Best Film 2022 at the GSCA Awards

October 4, 2022

The Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA) awards, recognising excellence in giant screen filmmaking, were presented last week at the GSCA 2022 International Conference, held at the IMAX Theatre, Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness won the Best Film 2022 Award!

Imagine a place that is vast, wild and untouched, where some of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles unfold. The Arctic National Wildlife refuge, situated in the northeastern corner of Alaska, is the wildest place left in North America and represents a symbol of wilderness for the world. Princess Daazhraii Johnson reveals the land that has sustained her people for untold generations.

The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness is Written and Directed by Myles Connolly and, the award-winning nature photographer and cinematographer, Florian Schulz. Terra Mater Factual Studios Produced this stunning film, with Walter Köhler, Wolfgang Knöpfler and Connolly as Producers and Schulz as Field Producer.

OnSight provided giant screen post production on this amazing project, using our unique OPR (OnSight Picture Remastering) service. This covered full 6K picture post, 2D to 3D conversion, visual effects, shot extensions, bespoke giant screen deliverables and colour grading for both xenon and laser projection. With Andy Lee as Colourist, Adam Sample and Peter Amies as Online Editors and Alfie Mitchel as Digital Asset Coordinator.

Journey with Florian Schulz on his five-year quest to film the elusive 200,000 strong Porcupine Caribou herd as it migrates to the Arctic Coastal Plain, one of the longest animal migrations on Earth. Filled with intimate moments with polar bears and musk oxen, wolves, grizzlies, golden eagles and more, The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness features the first-ever cinematic account of this little known land where people can experience a world untouched by time.

Visit https://www.protectthearctic.org/ to find out more.