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Emmy and Jackson Wild Media Award Nominations for Debble & Stone’s The Elephant and the Termite.

September 3, 2022

“Thank you for once again providing such a great post production service and a wonderful team.” – Victoria Stone, Director and Producer

The Elephant and the Termite has been nominated for three Emmy awards for Outstanding Nature Documentary, Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Cinematography! Jackson Wild Media Awards has also announced The Elephant and the Termite as a finalist in two categories for Cinematography and Writing. This fantastic documentary has also recently collected the German Wildlife Film Award from NaturVision Filmfestival and the Stambecco d’Oro audience award at Gran Paradiso Film Festival.

Peabody Award-winning filmmakers Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone directed The Elephant and the Termite, with Victoria Stone as Producer and stunning cinematography by Mark Deeble. Deeble, Stone and their small, dedicated team spent two years camped out at a watering hole in Tsavo, Kenya, to record this remarkable story about the relationship between Africa’s largest and smallest and the unique wildlife community they support.

The Elephant and the Termite is a film about natural connectivity and how Tsavo’s biodiversity hinges on a relationship of provision and dependency between two keystone species, the elephant and the termite. It was a pleasure to provide post production for this captivating documentary, with Jeff Halsey as Post Producer, Andy Lee as Senior Colourist and Adam Sample as Senior Online Editor. Whilst working on this project, our team was fascinated to learn about the extraordinary story of Tsavo’s waterhole, the animals that created it and those that call it home.