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Jaws versus the Blob for Shark Week on Discovery

July 25, 2022

Once again, OnSight went above and beyond expectation to help us produce a high quality programme that has really struck a chord with the Shark Week audience. With so much underwater footage filmed on multiple cameras, these shows are tricky to grade but the film looked seamlessly beautiful and sounded great” – Martin Williams, Executive Producer.

Shark Week kicked off on July 24th on Discovery Channel and will feature Jaws versus The Blob, a documentary directed by Pete Chinn and Produced by Talesmith for Discovery Channel with Martin Williams and Carter Figueroa as Executive Producers and Elisabeth Pinto as Production Manager. 

Jaws versus the Blob focuses on a new ocean phenomenon, a marine heatwave known as ‘The Blob’, which sends juvenile great white sharks straight into a feeding frenzy for monster 20ft adult great whites off the coast of Guadalupe Island, near California in the Pacific Ocean. A team of shark experts dive deep to discover if the young sharks survive or become a snack!

Jaws versus the Blob marks our third annual project in partnership with Talesmith for Shark Week, following last year’s Return to the Lair of the Great White. With Mariana Kneppers as Assistant Producer and Candice Allgood as Coordinating Producer, the documentary makes diving with sharks look like enormous fun!

Post Production at OnSight

OnSight provided full post production services for Jaws versus the Blob, overseen by Post Producer Joana Coelho. OnSight’s sound department covered the voice over recording and editing, the sound design, track lay and the final mix, with Andy Coles as Sound Designer and Mixer.

Alfie Mitchell conformed the footage, handing it over to Colourist Isabelle Payne. Online Editors Adam Sample and Andrew Fisun finished the project, which included some VFX shots as well as archive footage.

Jaws versus the Blob will air on Discovery and Discovery+ on Friday 29th July as part of the Discovery’s spectacular Shark Week.