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EXPLORER – A portrait of Sir Ranulph Fiennes

June 2, 2022

“Working at OnSight on Explorer was fantastic and the team couldn’t have done more to make the experience work for us.” – George Chignell, Producer.

EXPLORER, directed by Matthew Dyas, tells the definitive story of Sir Ranulph Fiennes, an inspirational leader credited as the World’s Greatest Living Explorer. Amongst his wealth of extraordinary achievements, Sir Fiennes was the first to circumnavigate the world from pole to pole, he crossed the Antarctic on foot and even discovered a lost city in Arabia.

EXPLORER was Produced by George Chignell and Co-Produced by Christian Holland for Explorer Pictures and distributed by Universal Pictures, with Executive Producers Richard Brousson, Simon McCallum, Helen Parker, Tim Platt and Gillian Scothern. With cinematography by Chris Openshaw, EXPLORER provides exclusive access to Ranulph, his spectacular film archive, which has been preserved by the BFI National Archive, showcasing decades of expeditions and contributions from close friends and colleagues. This collection of footage has led to the creation of a truly personal film, which goes beyond a simple retrospective of Fiennes’ record breaking achievements, revealing the man behind the myth, simply known as ‘Ran’.

Post Production at OnSight

OnSight are proud to have provided the post production for EXPLORER, overseen by Senior Post Producer Jeff Halsey. Senior colourist, Andy Lee, created three versions of the film for different deliverables using P3/Theatrical, Rec 709/Broadcast and HDR grades. OnSight’s Adam Sample provided the Online Edit. 

A Creative Solution to Technical Audio Challenges

Andy Coles was the Re-recording Mixer for this project. Given that almost all of the interviews in the film were recorded over the phone during lockdown, Andy and the OnSight team faced a significant challenge with the audio. To tackle this, the team decided to create a feature of the audio by making the interviews sound as though they were speaking through walkie talkies, as Ran has spent much time communicating via radio throughout his expeditions.

EXPLORER is released into UK cinemas on 14th July with a special Q&A with Ran himself and will be available to own and rent worldwide from 29th August. Watch the trailer here