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Signora Volpe

June 1, 2022

Signora Volpe is a crime drama series executive produced by Marc Samuelson and Josie Law of Route 24 (an ITV Studios-backed production company). The show comprises three 90-minute instalments and it arrived in May 2022 on Acorn TV in the UK, US, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Silent Witness star Emilia Fox plays Sylvia, a former M16 operative who gets drawn into crime-solving when she visits her sister in a quiet village in Umbria, Italy. The disillusioned spy is trying to start a new, slower-paced life but it seems that trouble simply follows her around. Try as she might, Sylvia can’t quite shake her innate sense of justice, and plain nosiness, so finds herself embroiled in some dark and compelling crimes.

“OnSight are a wonderful, friendly team of people who always went above and beyond to help us deliver a great show. At every level we and the show were looked after by highly skilled, very talented and very nice people who really cared about the project and always delivered first rate work, on time and on budget. We enjoyed the experience of working with them immensely.” – Josie Law, Executive Producer, Route24

International and Remote Production 

The Post Production scope of Signora Volpe was an exciting challenge for our team at OnSight, each 90 minute episode was given the same love and attention as a complete feature film. Led by Post Producer Joana Coelho, the OnSight team coordinated with the two directors of the show, Dudi Appleton (Silent Witness) and Mark Brozel (Troy: Fall of a City) to online the 3 episodes. 

During the shoot, rushes and dailies were coordinated and delivered to our London post facility from the DIT team out in Italy using OnSight’s Aspera service. The series was offlined in Avid at OnSight with a mixture of remote access and in-house facilities all on shared networks for both editors and edit assistants and then onlined by Adam Sample, our Senior Finishing Editor. Andy Lee, OnSight’s Senior Colourist, made the stunning views of Italy look outstanding with its delicate warmth, which added to the fun storyline.

All episodes had some elements of spoken Italian within them, this meant a fair amount of time was spent getting the subtitles and translations perfected to make the storyline flow with ease. There were a number of VFX shots within the show, most were quite subtle and yet some were quite time-consuming. Nonetheless, the results stood out and are a testament to the skills involved by the VFX department.

Sound was supervised by OnSight’s Andy Coles, who added: “During the coldest months of the year here, I had the pleasure of mixing all three episodes, full of the sound of cicadas and hot Italian countryside. A great way to escape the winter gloom.” – OnSight Sound Supervisor, Andy Coles

Overall the show is a fun, gentle spy-thriller with a touch of romance thrown in for good measure. Viewers have the opportunity to feel like they are in the beautiful Italian sunny hills. A great escape for us all!