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Brian and Charles

January 26, 2022

Jim Archer’s Brian and Charles premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2022 and left everyone hungry for more moments between Brian, the quirky inventor, and Charles, his homemade robot.

As audience member Leslie wrote in the Q&A chat following the documentary-style comedy: “Loved the film! So tender, funny and creative. Gimme more cabbage!”

After a man spends winter in isolation, he begins to develop an unlikely friendship with his only companion – a Robot. 
Director Jim Archer’s debut feature is an extension of the original short film – Brian and Charles (2017), the film explores the relationship between a man and his own creation. This film was co-funded by Film 4 and the BFI then later acquired by production company Bankside Films. 

Managing Director Stephen Kelliher, speaks of Brian and Charles as “A film about loneliness and the importance of connection, themes which are very prescient in the world we live in today, Moreover, it is a joyous film which promises to leave audiences uplifted and entertained.”

Despite the film being shot during a global pandemic, the production was able to take place safely in North Wales last December. Covid guidelines were followed throughout the duration of the production and a Covid-19 marshall present on set. 

Rupert Majendie, Producer for Mr Box, said: “Having been ready to start cameras rolling in March, it’s great to be underway, and we’re thankful to the local authorities and community. Filmmaking during a global pandemic is a different experience and we’re taking every necessary precaution to ensure we do so safely, but we can’t wait to bring this strange and incredibly heart-warming story to life.”

Brian And Charles is produced by Rupert Majendie, Mr Box, a UK production company started in 2014 as a platform for comedians to create and broadcast their own sketches and podcasts.