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June 25, 2021

‘I wanted to personally thank you for all your support and your incredible team who worked with me on Marietta. It means a lot to be supported as a filmmaker as it is a hard game to be in, so I am deeply grateful for this opportunity. It has taken my film to the next level and for that I am truly grateful.’ – Olivia Emes, Director.

A Cuban pianist and composer living in Brighton completes her magnum opus twenty years in the making, and returns home to perform her album for the first time.

Olivia Emes’ debut feature documentary chronicles one musician’s lifelong quest to reconcile her own unique voice with the patriarchy and nationalism of her native Cuba.

With Olivia Emes as Director, Paul Sng Producing Marietta introduces the circle of women, healers, and goddesses who nourished her along a journey crossing physical, temporal, and musical borders in the creation of her pièce de résistance, Pasiones y Rituales. 

Reinventing classical rhythms and musical form, Marietta rewrites Cuban tradition combining classical and popular Cuban music with Afro-Cuban, contemporary, and jazz. 

Marietta Veulens was born in 1959 in Matanzas, Cuba, a city known for its rich musical heritage and pioneering folkloric artists. Her family of respected musicians and teachers exposed Marietta to piano at a young age, as well as a regime of strict practice and public performance. Her mother, a gifted pianist, owned a music academy up until the Cuban Revolution and gave Marietta classical training. Her father, who favoured Rumba rhythms and dancing, endowed Marietta with a rebellious and youthful spirit.

Executive Producers include Marietta Veulens, Anita Wicks and Matthew Silverman.

Marietta has a heartwarming story with an immense colour palette with Isabelle Payne as colourist and Joana Coelho as post producer.