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When The Mist Clears

March 10, 2021

‘I’ve been a huge fan of OnSight for many years and have always admired their work which is why they had to be the post house for my debut feature ‘When The Mist Clears’. The team were an absolute pleasure to work with and the completed film looks and sounds absolutely beautiful.’ – Cengiz Dervis

“When The Mist Clears”, is a romantic drama written and directed by Cengiz Dervis. The UK production features Christian Howard, Gena Miller, Maddalena Ischiale, Silvia Busuioc, Cengiz Dervis and Victor Ptak.

A romantic drama set in Italy, Isabella is a disconnected, damaged and angry young woman whose life was shattered at 13 when her Italian mother died of cancer. Her successful British father Frank who harbors a painful secret, chose to lose himself with work and outsource her care and upbringing to nanny’s, tutors and eventually therapists. Many years later Frank had remarried to a wonderful Italian woman named Claudia, who manages to convince Frank that they all need to get away from work, the city, internet and spend a month close to nature on a remote Italian country estate and hopefully disconnect to reconnect. 

WHEN THE MIST CLEARS is an ambitious film with a strong story outline and carefully crafted scenes. The story is driven by strong characters, naturalism, outstanding breathtaking Italian locations, a beautiful score and a great team to support the vision and direction of Actor, Writer, Producer and  Director Cengiz Dervis.