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Elliott From Earth

March 3, 2021

”All is amazing and Jess has been fabulous so thank you!’ – Emma Fernando 

Elliott from Earth is an upcoming British-French-American science fiction comedy animated television series. The show centers on a human boy named Elliott who finds himself living on a spaceship packed with aliens from all corners of the universe.

A Four Part introductory special will premiere on March 1st, 10AM EST. The main series will premiere on Cartoon Network in the United Kingdom on March 6th 2021 and Africa in late 2021 and on HBO Max in the United States sometime in 2021.

The show’s production was green-lighted by Cartoon Network and had started in September 2018, consisting mostly of members from the production of The Amazing World of Gumball. The introductory special will consist of four episodes. The show’s first season will consist of twenty 11-minute episodes.