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Countdown To I Do

January 29, 2021

The format’s episodes follow the hours leading up to a couple’s wedding ceremony, entirely self-shot by the bride, groom, friends and family. And one year on, the couple look back at the moments they’ll treasure forever… and those they’d rather forget!

Studio71’s “Countdown To I Do” is a reality wedding series which follows couples in the nail-biting last moments before they say, ‘I do’ and returns to the couple one year on to revisit their magical day and explore it in finer detail.

In “Countdown To I Do”, viewers are given a behind-the-scenes look at the run-up to the big day of five sets of partners. Self-shot documentary footage from the perspectives of the wedding VIPs allow viewers to witness all the unfolding nerves, drama and joy that comes with the most important day in a couple’s life. 

The format also sees couples look back at their big day – giving further context to any dramas and answering the question of were they to do it all again, would they change anything?

Couples reveal all the intimate details of the wedding day that made their day special, from the proposal, the planning, the dress and the venue, including specifics on how much they intended to spend – and how much they actually spent!