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Northern Ballers – Tyke Films

December 31, 2020

This short form documentary is from Tyke Films, produced by Rebecca Mark-Lawson and Daria Nitsche & Directed by Rhys Lewis. 

In just under 20 minutes we follow a youth basketball team in Leeds. One team mate Andy, a 15-year-old from Cameroon, has lived in Leeds for half his life and dreams of playing in the NBA. 

Northern Ballers follows Andy’s struggles both at home and on the court as he tries to bring his team of novices to the English Junior National Basketball League.

Despite his height and skill at the sport, Andy has never achieved the ultimate basketball goal: the slam dunk. With GCSEs fast approaching and familial pressure to pursue academics rather than sports, will Andy be able to focus on basketball, help his team get to the league and most importantly… Will he dunk during a game?

With Editor Vera Simmonds, Sound Effects and Dialogue Editor Rick Blything, re-recording mixer Raoul Brand, and OnSight’s Colourist Andy Lee and Sound Supervisor Andy Coles on dubbing mix.