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Micro Plays – Wrapt Films

November 3, 2020

This Wrapt film project is produced in collaboration with Open Sky Theatre and involves five playwrights writing a short digital theatre piece. Funded by Arts Council England, the five short works on cultural polarisation are directed by Lisle Turner and produced by Martina Klich. 

The writers were asked to address the theme of cultural polarisation, questioning whether our differences have to divide us. 

Each microplay had to observe certain rules in deference to its theatrical origins: a maximum of three actors, a single location, action in continuous time, diegetic music only and no special effects.

The Ceremony is a lacerating-ly honest and profoundly moving story about marriage and its consequences, written by Iman Qureshi. 

Head Over Wheels is a comic about dating as a disabled person, written by Matilda Ibini.

Homework is a slapstick comedy about sibling rivalry and schoolwork whilst under threat of global extinction, written by Emily White. 

The Importance of Being Honest is about a particularly uncomfortable job interview, written by Tena Štivičić.

Stile – A breathless play about wealth and poverty written by Kate Attwell.