BRIAN AND CHARLES’ Jim Archer, Rupert Majendie, David Earl & Chris Hayward receive Outstanding British Film BAFTA nomination.

20th January, 2023

Following its award-winning success at Sundance Film Festival and reaching the top 10 in the US box office in June, Brian and Charles has been nominated for the Best British Film BAFTA! 

The debut feature for British Director Jim Archer, was written by David Earl and Chris Hayward, as an extension of Archer’s 2017 award-winning short film of the same title, which gave the spotlight to comic Earl’s acclaimed stage character Brian Gittins. 

Shot in a mockumentary-style, Brian and Charles follows Brian, a lonely and unlucky inventor in rural Wales, who spends his time building unique and unconventional creations, usually with little success. Undeterred by his failures, Brian attempts his most ambitious project yet - enter Charles, an artificially intelligent robot made from odds and ends, played by Chris Hayward. The feel-good comedy tells a heartwarming story about friendship, family, finding love, and letting go and promises to leave audiences uplifted and entertained.

Brian and Charles was Produced by Rupert Majendie for Mr Box Productions, a UK producer who offer comedians a platform to create and broadcast their own sketches and podcasts and the film was developed and co-funded by Film4 and the BFI. 

Senior Post Producer Jeff Halsey oversaw OnSight’s post production services for Brian and Charles including the offline edit, conform, VFX, online edit and delivery to Sundance, Bankside and Focus Features. OnSight’s Adam Sample performed the conform and online edit, with some great artistic input from Archer.

Congratulations to our clients Jim Archer, Rupert Majendie and their whole team for this fantastic BAFTA nomination! The BAFTA award ceremony takes place on February 19th.

Read more about Brian and Charles here.

BLUE JEAN’s Georgia Oakley (Writer/Director) & Hélène Sifre (Producer) are BAFTA nominated for the Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer.

20th January, 2023

After World Premiering at the Venice International Film Festival and winning the People’s Choice Award in the ‘Days’ Giornate Degli Autori sidebar in September, Blue Jean made a considerable impression on the festival circuit, collecting a host of awards. 

Blue Jean went on to win four British Independent Film Awards (BIFAs) for Best Debut Screenwriter, Best Lead Performance, Best Supporting Performance and Best Casting, along with nine further nominations. We are delighted that the film has now been nominated for the Best Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer BAFTA! Congratulations to our clients Georgia Oakley, Hélène Sifre, Marie-Elena Dyche and their whole team for this well deserved BAFTA nomination!

Set in 1988, during Margaret Thatcher’s tenure as UK Prime Minister, Blue Jean is a psychological identity drama following Jean (Rosy McEwen), a gay PE teacher who is forced to live a double life when Thatcher’s government passes a new law that stigmatises the LGBTQ+ community. The law, known as Section 28, in effect prevented teachers and those working for local authorities from even acknowledging the existence of homosexuality. Although repealed during the early 2000’s, this law's legacy left a lasting culture of shame and homophobia.

Overseen by Senior Post Producer Jeff Halsey, OnSight are thrilled to have delivered picture post production for Writer/Director Georgia Oakley and Producer Hélène Sifre for their powerful debut feature, Blue Jean.

The BAFTA Awards ceremony takes place on February 19th and Blue Jean hits cinemas on February 10th. Watch the trailer here.

Read more about Blue Jean here.

BUS GIRL’s Jessica Henwick & Louise Palmkvist Hansen receive British Short Film BAFTA nomination

20th January, 2023

Actress Jessica Henwick, who recently starred in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery and The Matrix Resurrections, makes her directorial debut with short film Bus Girl. After collecting several awards on its festival circuit, Bus Girl has been nominated for the British Short Film BAFTA! 

Produced by Louise Palmkvist for Emu Films, with Annika Ranin as Line Producer, the short film tells the story of an aspiring young chef June, played by Henwick herself, as she tries to break into the culinary scene and navigate the cutthroat world of high end cooking. 

Bus Girl was shot over the course of three days using six Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphones, a phone with one of the larger camera sensors available in a smartphone today, allowing it to pull in more light for brighter results in low-light scenes, capture more detail and output higher-resolution video. 

Henwick says “we would actually have two phones. We would be pulling focus on one phone, and we would be using Wi-Fi to control the main phone. It worked very similarly to a normal crew, except the gear fits in your palm.” Cinematographer Nick Cooke describes the creative advantages of shooting on a smartphone, given its compact nature, “we could squeeze through shelving units with little thought or even place it in a pan of water ”.

OnSight are pleased to have supported Bus Girl in post production, with Jeff Halsey as Senior Post Producer and Adam Sample as Online Editor. Henwick is currently in post production on a sequel titled Sandwich Man, and has announced there will be a third short film to put a cap on what she calls ‘The Phone Trilogy’.

Huge congratulations to our clients Jessica, Louise and Annika for their BAFTA nomination! The BAFTA award ceremony takes place on February 19th and, in the meantime, you can catch Bus Girl at the London Short Film Festival on January 21st, tickets available here.

Staged Returns with a Third Season, Available Now on BritBox

28th November, 2022

The award-winning comedy series, starring David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Georgia Tennant and Anna Lundberg has returned to our screens for a third season with some seasonal good cheer and its usual healthy dose of squabbling.

Created by Simon Evans and Phin Glynn, Staged launched on BBC One in June 2020, providing relatable and light hearted entertainment during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The show saw the actors play fictionalised versions of themselves as they tried to rehearse a play during lockdown. Staged’s second outing played with the idea of the first series success, with the actors meeting options for who might play them in a Hollywood remake of Staged, featuring a host of guest stars including Dame Judi Dench, Ewan McGregor, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Cate Blanchett.

Series 3 sees David and Michael return to their everyday working life, having moved on from lockdown, while Simon’s career remains stagnant. Simon’s phone does ring, but only to ask if he can get David and Michael back together; and they’ve made it clear they want nothing more to do with him. But with Christmas approaching, Simon hopes the warmth of the season might soften them to the idea of a radio version of a Christmas classic!

Post Production

It was great to return to this fantastic project for post production of a third season, again overseen by Post Producer Joana Coelho. Our Colourist Emily Russul Saib, with her keen eye for detail, focused on the fluctuating light levels from the self-shooting and video conference technology. Due to the nature of these video conference sequences, Emily also graded multiple pieces of media within each shot. The episodes were then onlined by Senior Online Editor Adam Sample and Online Editor Andrew Fisun.


Staged is Directed by Simon Evans and Produced by Phin Glynn, Victor Glynn and Georgia Tenant for Infinity Hill and GCB Films. Distributed by Rainmaker Content, Staged season 3 is exclusively available on BritBox, alongside the first two series and a series special, featuring mistakes and outtakes, and shows how the show itself was found.

Stephen Moyer’s A Bit of Light World Premieres at Raindance Film Festival

16th November, 2022

The opening night of Raindance Film Festival’s 30th anniversary was the platform for the World Premiere of Stephen Moyer’s A Bit of Light. Starring Academy Award winner Anna Paquin (The Piano) and International Emmy winner, Ray Winstone (Black Widow), A Bit of Light follows Ella (Paquin) who, at almost forty, is forced to move back in with her father Alan (Winstone). Trying to stay sober after temporarily giving up custody of her young daughters to her ex-husband Joseph (Youssef Kerkour) and his new partner, Ella strikes up an unlikely friendship with a mysterious teenage boy (Luca Hogan). This new friend’s belief in Ella as a mother helps her to rediscover her self-worth.

Directed by Stephen Moyer as his second feature, after making his directorial feature debut with The Parting Glass and helming episodes of True Blood and Amazon’s Flack. In an interview Moyer said “From the moment I started reading A Bit of Light I knew I wanted it to be my second film. It is a stunning piece of writing by my old friend Rebecca Callard whom I first met 25 years ago playing opposite each other as actors. We’ve assembled a quite extraordinary cast led by Anna and Ray who are wonderful together.”

A Bit of Light is produced by Phin Glynn and Axel Kuschevatzky for Infinity Hill, alongside Moyer and Paquin, with Isabelle Georgeaux producing through her company Pont Neuf Productions. The film is also Produced in association with Shorelight Pictures and Great Point Media with Anja Murmann, Sabine Schenk, Egor Noskov, Victor Glynn, Geoggrey Iles, Jim Reeve, Robert Halmi, Cindy Teperman and Rebecca Callard as Executive Producers. 

Post Production

A Bit of Light is a truly personal and gritty in depth journey of discovery for a young woman dealing with becoming sober and losing custody of her children. This emotional, but wonderful film was a real pleasure to work on and a lovely straightforward film to post produce, managed by our Post Producer Joana Coelho. 

The talented Andy Lee graded using Mistika to generate even more emotion to this heartbreaking story, with his wealth of skills and broad colour palette. Senior Online Editor Adam Sample created the titles and graphics to seamlessly blend with the essence of the film. Audio was completed for OnSight by Sound Designer Blair Jollands and Dubbing Mixer Cliff Reeves.