I AM WEEKENDER Premieres at Glasgow Film Festival

23rd March, 2023

“OnSight pulled out all the stops to help get us over the finish line. Their technical expertise plus a calm, friendly attitude, allowed room for creativity, even with our tight deadline - I can’t thank them enough!” - Director Chloé Raunet

This weekend I AM WEEKENDER premiered at Glasgow Film Festival, marking 30 years since the provocative release of its subject and inspiration: Weekender. Flowered Up’s groundbreaking music video, restored archive footage, and exclusive interviews are given new life and insightful exploration in Director Chloé Raunet’s debut film. 

Post Production

OnSight provided full post for I AM WEEKENDER, with colour by Emily Russul Saib, sound mix by Andy Coles, online edit by Andrew Fisun, and was overseen by Post Producer Cem Kilinchan. The project was a mixture of Zoom interviews, footage from the original Weekender video, some BTS, and stills. Chloe wanted to push the Zoom calls and give them a really distinct look, the original clips from the Weekender video were left as source, and all the other pieces in between were unified, with everything made to match that grimy 'late 80's, early 90's vibe. 


Flowered Up were formed in London as part of the blossoming Acid Rave and early 90s dance music scene. They were fronted by Liam Maher, who died in 2009 from an overdose, tragically followed by his brother and fellow bandmate Joe in 2012.

The 18 minute accompanying video to the track Weekender (directed by W.I.Z. and starring Lee Whitlock and Anna Haigh) was released in 1992 by Heavenly Records, to immediate and extreme media criticism. It is credited in inspiring a host of media serving to encapsulate rebellious youth; Danny Boyle, director of Trainspotting, even claimed that his film would not exist without Weekender

Weekender has been cemented in film and music memory, named by the British Film Institute as one of the most innovative music films ever made. 


Produced by Martin Kelly and Andrew Whiston (W.I.Z) for Heavenly Films, the origins of I AM WEEKENDER were brought about in 2020 by filmmakers Tabitha Denholm and Adam Dunlop, whose interviews with people relevant to Weekender, Flowered Up, and the scene more widely were undertaken as part of the 30 year anniversary of its release. With W.I.Z’s appointment of Chloé Raunet as Director, the feature length documentary began to take form; the collation and restoration of W.I.Z’s unseen archive footage interspersed between the interviews, and of course Weekender itself. 

“It was really important for me that I approached it as a DIY cut and paste thing, to embrace the imperfections. Today so many things are so polished, I wanted to tap into the DIY elements of the early days of acid house.” - Chloé Raunet

The documentary is dedicated to Lee Whitlock, the lead actor of Weekender, who sadly passed away this February.


09th March, 2023

ANOTHER BODY follows a college student’s search for justice after she discovers deepfake pornography of herself circulating online.

Directed by Sophie Compton and Reuben Hamlyn and Produced by Elizabeth Woodward for Willa Productions. Picture Post Production by OnSight, overseen by Post Producer Jade Townsend, with colour by Emily Russul Saib and online edit by Adam Sample.

The documentary will world premiere at SxSW on Saturday 11th March, with screenings also on the 14th and 16th of March.

More information coming soon…

Children’s Animation, The Sound Collector, airs on ITV.

06th March, 2023

Brand-new children’s animation, The Sound Collector, produced by Eagle vs Bat has arrived to ITVBe and ITVX on demand! The first of 60, 5 minute episodes premiered on the 20th February with further episodes available everyday at 10.20am on ITVBe.  

Narrated by Keira Knightley, the show’s central character has a passion for sound, despite being very hard of hearing. As his name suggests, the sound collector spends his days collecting the sounds that he finds on his adventures of the world around him; from hissing tides, to the snores and snuffles of his best friend Mole. 

The quirky new show is a delight to both the ears and the eyes, with beautiful stop-motion animation by the multiple award-winning Mackinnon and Saunders, who have bought some of the best-known animated characters to life - including the Academy Award-nominated Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio and Netflix’s hit The House

Narrator Keira Knightley says “As a viewer and a parent, The Sound Collector is a welcome relief for me. It’s a real hit with my own family – something 3 generations can sit down and enjoy together. I love the space it allows – every time we watch an episode, we feel soothed.

OnSight had the pleasure of working with Eagle vs Bat’s Creative Producers Tom and Erica Angell on The Sound Collector, with Post Producer Jade Townsend managing our involvement in the project. Our Colourist Emily Russul-Saib completed the final grade and handed the project over to Andrew Fisun for the Online Edit. 

Check out the latest episodes on ITVX here.

Merkel Documentary lands on Netflix

02nd March, 2023

After successfully premiering at Telluride Film Festival and the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), Merkel has now dropped on Netflix!

From Director Eva Weber and Producers Lizzie Gillett, Sonja Henrici, Sigrid Dyekjær, Eva Weber and Line Producer Sam Payne, Merkel tells the astonishing story of how a triple political outsider – a woman, a scientist, and an East German - became one of the most successful politicians in the world.

After being elected as Germany’s first female Chancellor in 2005, Angela Merkel became Europe’s most popular and powerful leader, remaining in office until choosing not to stand for re-election in 2021. Yet despite her historic 16-year Chancellorship, Merkel remains something of an enigma, with the international public knowing very little about her.

Using archival material and revealing interviews with Merkel’s friends and colleagues, this feature-length documentary creates a rich portrait, from her upbringing behind the iron curtain in the former DDR (East Germany), studies in quantum chemistry, her surprising start in politics and fast ascent. 

She was underestimated. She was continually underestimated. Not just as a politician, but also as a woman.” - Melissa Eddy, Berlin Correspondent for The New York Times.

She saw politics as a way of solving problems.” — Hillary Rodham Clinton.

We are delighted to have delivered picture post for Merkel, overseen by Senior Post Producer Jeff Halsey. Our Senior Colourist Andy Lee graded the film with Andrew Fisun providing the Online Edit. Delivering the film in time for Telluride in the summer added some excitement and we were pleased to be able to support the film by attending the European premiere at the prestigious Tuschinski Cinema for IDFA in Amsterdam. 

Merkel is Produced by Passion Pictures, in association with Odd Girl Out Productions, Screen Scots, LOOKsfilm, Real Lava, Curzon and others, with backing from the Curzon CM Development Fund and the BFI’s Global Screen Fund.

Neil Marshall’s The Lair coming to Shudder on January 26th

24th January, 2023

After its premiere opening Fright Fest in August and screening at Sitges Festival, Neil Marshall’s latest adrenaline-pumping creation, The Lair, starring Jonathan Howard (Thor: The Dark World), Charlotte Kirk (The Reckoning) and Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica), is dropping on Shudder! 

“Independent Film only works when you get more than what you pay for, and the value-add that Onsight brings with their unparalleled can-do attitude has made THE LAIR the film we always hoped it could be.”  - Daniel-Konrad Cooper, Producer.

Produced by Daniel-Konrad Cooper for Rather Good Films, The Lair follows RAF fighter pilot Lieutenant Kate Sinclair, after her plane is shot down over a rebel stronghold in Afghanistan. Whilst being pursued by insurgents, Sinclair finds refuge in an abandoned Soviet Research bunker where she unknowingly awakens the Ravagers - a DNA based biological weapon gone horribly wrong. 

Post Production

"I’m thrilled to have been able to work with Onsight again on my latest feature THE LAIR. They have a fantastic team of highly-skilled professionals and a familial approach to the collaboration of filmmaking. I get support at every turn and the fantastic attention to detail that every producer craves on every project." - Daniel-Konrad Cooper, Producer.

OnSight had the pleasure of managing the conform, grade, online and delivery of The Lair, overseen by Senior Post Producer Jeff Halsey. The action-horror film was shot on Sony Venice, which was a treat for our team to work with and looks fantastic on the big screen! Colourist Andy Lee graded the film, set in Afghanistan, to emulate the remote high altitude mountains of the Nangahar Province and a hidden Soviet bunker; creating a fantastic contrast between the bright, barren environment and the dark colourful bunker, where the Ravagers lay in wait. 

The Lair was then handed to OnSight’s Senior Online Editor Adam Sample and Online Editors Alfie Mitchell and Dan Bourne. With over 600 VFX shots, The Lair was a great technical challenge for us and the team worked quickly to innovate new bespoke workflows for this project. Working with Director Neil Marshall throughout the post production process, from the offline to the grade and finishing meant the team had a solid understanding of the project and its needs right from the onset.