First film to output to HDCAM SR

03rd April, 2005

Jim Henson's Mirrormask, the innovative debut feature film of Dave McKean, is the first film in this country to output onto the new HDCAM SR format.

"As the film's producer, it was important for me, using a brand new technology, that not only could On Sight supply the equipment we needed, but, more importantly, they understood how it worked - and as a bonus, provided a service that alway came with a smile." - Simon Moorhead, producer, Mirrormask 

Arc of steel

14th February, 2005

Cutting edge technology was instrumental in creating the right look for a film on the steel industry.

Given that the assignment involved making a short film about British Asian steel millionaire Lakshmi Mittal, the richest man in Britain, you might assume that Connected Pictures would have gone for film - the most expensive format. but producer Adam Penny had a different aim: "We wanted it to be made using cutting edge technology because Mittal is at the forefront of the steel industry."

New Captain Scarlet

12th February, 2005

An altogether bigger show handled at On Sight's HD Lab is Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet, an all new 26-part CGI programme with new scripts, characters and stories.

The show, produced by Anderson Entertainment for broadcast in February 2005, has kept a 130-strong production team busy at Pinewood, with four teams including animators and TDs taking eight weeks to complete each 22 minute episode.

HD first for film

04th February, 2005

Andrea Vecchiato is one of a pioneering new breed of film directors making the most of the creative potential of HD production.

Filmmakers have often been sniffy abouot the use of new formats such as HD over 35mm film, but for director Andrea Vecchiato has a message for them. "They should not be so lazy," he declares. "In fact, it upsets me when I talk to DoPs who think that 35mm film will always be better."

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