Endangered Species

12th April, 2021

From the creators of Rogue, MJ Bassett brings a new and fierce thriller for Lionsgate. 

Endangered Species is an intense, action packed survival-adventure about a wealthy American family who travel to the vast African wilderness of Kenya hoping for a dream vacation filled with excitement, bonding and a chance to fix the growing rifts within their family. 

While enjoying the safari, their vehicle is attacked by a rhino protecting her calf, the family is left stranded miles from help and their dream vacation turns into a nightmarish struggle for survival in a world where they are the bottom of the food chain.

Through her work, Bassett is hoping to raise awareness for the state of the planet and humans’ impact on the natural world. This, she says, is especially timely during the global COVID-19 pandemic. MJ Basset is keen to wrap her projects into a genre, whether it’s a horror thing or an action or a combination of both. 

Writer and director, MJ Basset with writer Isabel Bassett, producer Jay Taylor  Kwesi Dickson, Molly Hassell, MJ Bassett and Cinematographer Brendan Barnes. 

The project is set and beautifully shot in Kenya and includes a strong cast from Rebecca Romijn, Philip Winchester, Isabel Bassett, Michael Johnston, Chris Fisher and Jerry O'Connell.

I am Gen Z

01st April, 2021

‘A big thank you to everyone to OnSight  who worked with us on the film. It was such a pleasure working with such a smart, creative, engaged and kind team of people.’

I am Gen Z will premiere‚Äč at this years CPH:DOX festival April 21 — May 12

Produced by Chantelle De Carvalho and Directed by Liz Smith, this documentary explores the impact of the digital revolution and smartphones on today's teenagers and what that might mean for the future.

For those who don't know, Generation Z (aka Gen Z, iGen, or centennials), refers to the generation that was born between 1996-2010, following millennials. This generation has been raised on the internet and social media, with some the oldest finishing college by 2020 and entering the workforce.

Investigated through expert interviews and the web lens of Generation Z, the documentary explores how the explosion of the digital revolution is impacting our society, our brains and mental health.

The current tech revolution is moving at hyper speed and brings with it a lot of positives, but there is a dark side too. When our children become adults the world will be a very different place to the one we know today. It is critical that we ask questions now about the role we want tech to play in our lives and make conscious decisions about how we integrate it into our lives, and in the lives of our children.

This documentary raises questions about the contemporary world we live in, questioning what will our children become, have smartphones destroyed a generation? OnSight have had our eyes truly opened to this informative documentary and can't wait for the world to see it. OnSight’s contribution to the film includes, Colourist Ellory Payne, Online Editor Adam Sample,  Re-Recording Mixer Andy Coles and Post Producer Jeff Halsey.

When The Mist Clears

10th March, 2021

'I’ve been a huge fan of OnSight for many years and have always admired their work which is why they had to be the post house for my debut feature ‘When The Mist Clears’. The team were an absolute pleasure to work with and the completed film looks and sounds absolutely beautiful.' - Cengiz Dervis

"When The Mist Clears'', is a romantic drama written and directed by Cengiz Dervis. The UK production features Christian Howard, Gena Miller, Maddalena Ischiale, Silvia Busuioc, Cengiz Dervis and Victor Ptak.

A romantic drama set in Italy, Isabella is a disconnected, damaged and angry young woman whose life was shattered at 13 when her Italian mother died of cancer. Her successful British father Frank who harbors a painful secret, chose to lose himself with work and outsource her care and upbringing to nanny's, tutors and eventually therapists. Many years later Frank had remarried to a wonderful Italian woman named Claudia, who manages to convince Frank that they all need to get away from work, the city, internet and spend a month close to nature on a remote Italian country estate and hopefully disconnect to reconnect. 

WHEN THE MIST CLEARS is an ambitious film with a strong story outline and carefully crafted scenes. The story is driven by strong characters, naturalism, outstanding breathtaking Italian locations, a beautiful score and a great team to support the vision and direction of Actor, Writer, Producer and  Director Cengiz Dervis.

Elliott From Earth

03rd March, 2021

''All is amazing and Jess has been fabulous so thank you!’ - Emma Fernando 

Elliott from Earth is an upcoming British-French-American science fiction comedy animated television series. The show centers on a human boy named Elliott who finds himself living on a spaceship packed with aliens from all corners of the universe.

A Four Part introductory special will premiere on March 1st, 10AM EST. The main series will premiere on Cartoon Network in the United Kingdom on March 6th 2021 and Africa in late 2021 and on HBO Max in the United States sometime in 2021.

The show’s production was green-lighted by Cartoon Network and had started in September 2018, consisting mostly of members from the production of The Amazing World of Gumball. The introductory special will consist of four episodes. The show's first season will consist of twenty 11-minute episodes.

Staged - Comic Relief

01st March, 2021

David Tennant will be one of the hosts of this year's Comic Relief Red Nose Day television special for Friday 19th March. He will co-present the BBC One fundraising extravaganza along with Alesha Dixon, Davina McCall, Paddy McGuinness and Sir Lenny Henry. 

In addition, fans of David and Michael's recent series, Staged will be delighted to hear that they will be reuniting for an exclusive mini-episode of the hit lockdown comedy, to be shown on the night.

The event seeks to raise funds through comedy, entertainment and music to support projects in the UK and abroad, and this year particularly donations will be used to tackle issues including homelessness, hunger, domestic abuse, and mental health problems, all of which have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The journey of Staged has been great fun with producers Phin and Victor Glynn and director Simon Evans and we’re so happy to share the wonderful work they have done for Comic Relief