Tish featured in British Cinematographer Issue September/October 2023

20th September, 2023

We've been featured in the most recent edition of British Cinematographer for our work on feature documentary Tish, have a read!

'It's also back to the '80s for recent OnSight project Tish, a documentary about the life and work of prolific North-East photographer Tish Murtha which opened Sheffield DocFest. Led in part by Ella, Murtha's daughter, the documentary is directed by Paul Sng, produced by Jennifer Corcoran through Freya Films and Sng's Velvet Joy Productions, with cinematography by Hollie Galloway, and the voice of Tish played by Maxine Peake. The production has received support from the BBC, British Film Institute (BFI), and Screen Scotland. OnSight's colourist, Emily Russul Saib, completed a four-day projection grade for the documentary, which comprises various interviews shot on Sony A7s in Rec709, film archive which was corrected and balanced, reconstruction filmed on the ARRI Alexa Mini in Log C, and a selection of Murtha's striking black and white photographs. The project was overseen by OnSight's post producer Cem Kilinchan.'


08th September, 2023

"It’s always a pleasure to work with OnSight and they delivered an exceptional service on BULL. The film has really benefited from the attention to detail Jeff and the team gave it, for which I thank them.”Dominic Tighe, Producer

Bull was recently number one in Netflix UK’s Top 10 Films In The UK Today for the 5th days in a row, and stuck around in the Top 10 afterwards too!

Bafta award-winning director Paul Andrew Williams (London To Brighton) wrote and directed Tea Shop Production’s BULL. Producers are Dominic Tighe (A Confession), Signature’s Marc Goldberg (Final Score) and Sarah Gabriel (Kidnap), and Tea Shop Productions’ Leonora Darby (A Banquet) and Mark Lane (47 Meters Down).

BULL premiered at the London Film Festival as part of the 21 world premieres in the feature programme, The feature played both at cinemas in London and UK-wide at 10 LFF partner venues, with select virtual premieres also hosted on the BFI Player online platform and will be at Picture House Cinemas from the 5th of November! 

The film follows a former gang enforcer named BULL who mysteriously returns home after a 10-year absence to seek revenge on those who double-crossed him all those years ago.

He is in search of his son and the truth about what happened to him. On his journey to finding Aiden, we flashback to ten years before and start to piece together a series of events that leads to a dramatic and inexplicable climax.

Dirty, gritting and dangerous BULL is a brutal revenge thriller. This world is full of characters who have taken the law into their own hands but even they can't keep control of a situation that has got rapidly out of control, and at the centre of it is BULL-and a father's love for his son-who will stop at nothing to make amends in the hope of a better future.

Paul Andrew Williams added: “BULL is a story I have wanted to tell for a while and, despite its violence, has a strong emotional pull with a father’s love for his son at the centre of it. I think we have made a really cracking film with two fearless central performances from Neil and David. We made this under exceptionally challenging circumstances during a worldwide pandemic, and I am very grateful for the commitment and hard work from all the cast and crew.”

Signature Entertainment has boarded international sales rights and UK distribution on revenge thriller BULL, starring Neil Maskell (Kill List) in the lead alongside David Hayman (Fisherman’s Friends).

Feature Documentary Neither Confirm Nor Deny will release in the US on 22nd September on Amazon and Apple TV!

29th August, 2023

“Working with the exemplary team at Onsight on the  post-production of Neither Confirm nor Deny was an extremely positive experience.  Nothing was too much trouble and both the personal care and professionalism from the team made for a very happy creative process from start to way beyond the finishing and delivery line.  I couldn’t recommend them more. Thank you, Onsight.” - Sheryl Crown, Producer (www.rubiconpictures.co.uk)

Directed by Philip Carter, Neither Confirm Nor Deny tells the incredible story of the CIA secret mission to recover a lost nuclear Soviet submarine after sinking three miles deep in  the Pacific Ocean in 1968.

The feature documentary was developed and produced by Sheryl Crown. It is a Northern Stories, Idless and New Sparta Production with producers  Maggie Monteith and Chris Simon respectively. Josh Green is Associate Producer. There is a scripted feature film of Neither Confirm nor Deny in development simultaneously with Scott Free in LA. The film will be released and is available in the United States from the 22nd September, and will have a UK Premiere at the Aldeburgh Documentary Festival as the opening film on the 17th November.

OnSight provided full finishing post production for Neither Confirm Nor Deny, overseen by Lead Post Producer Jeff Halsey. Our creative team for the project consisted of Senior Colourist Andy Lee, Senior Online Editor Adam Sample and Sound Supervisor Andy Coles.

‘Neither Confirm Nor Deny was an enjoyable challenge from a sound design point of view, to keep the audio true to the sounds of the Cold War era, and combine drama reconstruction and documentary.’ - Andy Coles, Sound Supervisor.

At the height of the Cold War, the Soviet nuclear submarine K-129 sank in mysterious circumstances. Despite a massive secret search, the Soviets never found their missing submarine – but the Americans located it. 

The CIA hatched the ‘Azorian Program’, the code name for their greatest covert operation spanning six years, to bring up the sub and its nuclear  secrets, in plain view. They did this using a cover story involving a fictitious ocean mining enterprise fronted by the reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes. Using the Hughes Glomar Explorer, a vessel built specifically for the salvage job, the Americans attempted to lift the K129 from the ocean floor. When their cover is later blown by legendary investigative journalists of the day, thorns in the side of the Nixon, Kissinger Administration, the CIA crafted what is known as the ‘Glomar Response’ a response that has become all too common and known for making journalists roll their eyes: ‘We can neither Confirm nor Deny’.

Our sincerest condolences go out to the family, friends, and colleagues of Philip Carter, director of Neither Confirm Nor Deny, who has recently passed away.

7 Keys had its world premiere at Locarno Film Festival this month!

16th August, 2023

Daniel has kept the keys to the places he's lived in. Lena wants to use them - on the ultimate tour of London, a weekend of getting to know each other intimately in other people's homes. This risky fantasy soon becomes a deadly threat.

7 Keys is dark, alluring, and provocative thriller that fuses genre, introduces complex characters, and cinematic portrayal of the female gaze. It is written and directed by the award-winning Joy Wilkinson, who specialises in the female-driven genre. 7 Keys is produced by Dylan Rees (4 8 Fourteen Films), and Cassandra Sigsgaard (Jeva Films), and stars Emma McDonald and Billy Postlethwaite.

We were very pleased to be involved in this project, with the grade completed by Senior Colourist Emily Russul Saib, overseen by Lead Post Producer Jeff Halsey. 

The film was shot in such a way to ensure that they had lots of flexibility, and the team wanted each of Daniel’s 7 past homes to be a very distinct colour, working their way through the rainbow with each new location. This posed an interesting creative challenge for our colourist Emily, with some locations presenting a more complex palette to achieve. Emily enjoyed working closely with Joy, giving extra attention to a few pivotal moments to evoke a special feel, in particular at the end of the third home (key 3), on the balcony in the last home (key 7), and the last shot.

“7 Keys is a pulsing thriller about a romance that goes wrong and a portrait of the city today, it’s a story for our world obsessed with dating apps and property porn, a generation trying to make a connection and find their corner of the capital, while the gap between the haves and have-nots continues to grow. I’m excited to bring some fresh blood to the [thriller] genre, with character-driven, sensual suspense and a single mum protagonist who has depth, flaws and surprises for us.” - Joy Wilkinson, Director

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A Million Days will have its World Premiere at FrightFest this August! 

10th August, 2023

“Just wow! Andy Coles and the OnSight team nailed the sound mix for A Million Days. Not only were they super professional but also fun and a total dream to work with.” - Mitch Jenkins, Director

“OnSight’s highly professional post production team really made the difference in making our creative goals a reality.” - Michael Dobbin, Producer

We were very pleased to complete the Audio Post for A Million Days, with Nearfield and Theatrical mix handled by Andy Coles, who said, “the sound is fantastic throughout the film!”. The project was overseen by Post Producer Cem Kilinchan. 

2041: Earth is in ecological collapse. The continued existence of humanity rests on becoming an interplanetary civilisation. The Seed programme has been created to settle new worlds in the Cosmos, from our moon to Jupiter's moon, Europa. Its mission has been made possible by a single entity, an Artificial Intelligence system known as Jay, which has been calculating the odds of success, survival and resilience. Now over one night, an astronaut must decide between pursuing his life's work or sabotaging it for the greatest cause in the universe.

A Million Days is directed by Mitch Jenkins, with a cast of Simon Merells, Kemi-Bo Jacobs, Hermione Corfield, and Darrell D’Silva, produced by Plan Nine Pictures, Chris Hamilton and Charles Meunuer, Peardrop Productions, Michael Dobbin and Eva Lewucha, is Executive Produced by Piers Hunt, Derek Linfield, and Alec Werner, and distributed by Signature Entertainment, Andrew Nerger and Ella Field. The premiere is on the 25th of August. 

“From the moment we first read the script, there was a lot of love for ‘A Million Days.’ There aren’t enough intelligent sci-fi films out there and we feel confident audiences will gravitate towards this gripping thriller full of twists and turns. The vision that Mitch Jenkins brings to the film will astound audiences and the superb ensemble cast will delight genre fans!” - Signature Entertainment’s Andrew Nerger 

Tickets for the Fright Fest premiere are available here.