How To Stay Out Of Jail - Channel 4 premier last night.

19th February, 2020

Brought to you by BAFTA and Emmy Award winning production company Spring Films. This captivating new documentary follows an elite police team in County Durham as they attempt to keep offenders out of prison. For many criminals prison is a revolving door, they leave only to re-offend.

We follow lead detective Joanne McGregor Taylor and her team who take an entirely different approach to crime reduction.

Encouraging these criminals to complete a tough 16 week scheme where they have to face their demons, attend mandatory mental health and drug addiction support groups and apologise to their victims. We follow those charged with everything from drugs to child neglect, domestic abuse to fraud and assault are offered a one time alternative to court and jail.

Produced by award winning executive producer Kathy Myers and directed by respected director/producer Jemma Gander. OnSight is proud to have worked with these esteemed creators to post-produce this thought-provoking piece.

With unprecedented access to both the law enforcement team and the offenders, we get to observe closely as they fight to turn their lives around, paying close attention to external factors such as mental health, addiction, and personal struggles. 

Pink Floyd: The Later Years 

21st January, 2020

Thanks to OnSight for the tireless input into Pink Floyd’s The Later Years  contributing to its enormous success.   The constant changes and pressures were dealt with without fuss and the  advice was exemplary. 11/10. - Paul Loasby CEO, OneFifteen. 

With a substantial amount of upgrading, restoration and re-editing, as well as audio remixing, content spanning the years 1986-2019 in this box set was contained on 5 CDs, 6 Blu-rays and 5 DVDs, as well as 2 bonus 7” singles. The set includes remixed studio albums, restored and re-edited live concert films, documentaries, promo clips and tour screen films. 

The body of work includes unreleased songs, unseen films, unreleased concert footage and remixed albums such as ​A Momentary Lapse of Reason, which restored the creative balance between the three Pink Floyd members.. 

Restoration on The Arabs - Arabs A Living History 1979-1983 Series

11th January, 2020

The Arabs - A Living History, 1979-1983.

Michael McKinnon, Executive Producer to the captivating ten part ‘The Arabs’ Series for Channel 4, and PBS recently brought OnSight some re-grades from previous film masters for a final broadcast.

 “I’m a regular at OnSight and always so gratified by what Andy in sound and Maggie in vision grading can do, particularly with imperfect film archive and what are basically still camera filming material like the Canon EOS 4D Mark4 to generate shots that are just fine for wide screen viewing."

The Video Arts Production: The Arabs Series upgrade can  be viewed on our website www.mckinnonfilms.com. - Michael McKinnon, Executive Producer

Produced by Video Arts TV for Kufic Films between 1979 and 1983 each respective documentary was written and created as a stand alone piece, Their themes explore and underpin understanding of the modern Arab world

The Two Lives of Li Ermao

02nd January, 2020

A search for identity, a struggle for love, a fight for survival. 

This tragic film needed a particularly sensitive touch to deliver the drama and pathos of fifteen years in the life of a would-be transexual in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. With so many different formats of film and sound to cope with, the final product was a tour de force and I am grateful to the whole OnSight team. - André Singer Executive Producer, ’The Two Lives of Li Ermao’.

Follow the journey of Li Ermao in this emotional documentary, filmed over 17 years across Southern China, The Two Lives of Li Ermao is the intimate and heart wrenching story of Li Ermao, a transgender migrant worker transitioning from male to female, then back to male- after battling with infection, discrimation and a traumatic childhood.

Women in Data Conference 28th November

09th December, 2019

Women in Data UK is a movement and a force for change in the realm of data science and analytics. 

Aella Jordan Edge is the female director making the Women in Data ad to encourage young girls to take the next steps in careers in maths and science sectors.

“I loved working with an all women team. The facilities were excellent, I can't thank OnSight enough for believing in the film and putting time into this project!” - Aella Jordan Edge Director

This film from Women in Data, is just one of the ways they are showing commitment to support and encourage girls approaching higher education to carry on studying science & maths based subjects. Directed by Aella Jordan Edge. The film highlights the opportunities and job roles available to them in these sectors. The film shows the already accomplished and successful women running some of the most integral jobs in the business world today. 

Giant data using business’ such as ‘GOOGLE’ and ‘TFL’ are included. With some great animated motion picture provided by Jadestone Media.