Women in Data Conference 28th November

09th December, 2019

Women in Data UK is a movement and a force for change in the realm of data science and analytics. 

Aella Jordan Edge is the female director making the Women in Data ad to encourage young girls to take the next steps in careers in maths and science sectors.

“I loved working with an all women team. The facilities were excellent, I can't thank OnSight enough for believing in the film and putting time into this project!” - Aella Jordan Edge Director

This film from Women in Data, is just one of the ways they are showing commitment to support and encourage girls approaching higher education to carry on studying science & maths based subjects. Directed by Aella Jordan Edge. The film highlights the opportunities and job roles available to them in these sectors. The film shows the already accomplished and successful women running some of the most integral jobs in the business world today. 

Giant data using business’ such as ‘GOOGLE’ and ‘TFL’ are included. With some great animated motion picture provided by Jadestone Media.

The Courier - Rollercoaster Angel Productions

18th October, 2019

'Working with Onsight was fantastic as they were consistently supportive and put up with all our quirks, insane all nighters and other madness. With their calm and tireless efforts to supply us with the technicians, infrastructure and creative environment needed, we were able to complete the film we are all so proud of.' - Zackary Adler, Director

This exciting thriller see's Olga Kurylenko take the title role of The Courier, a fearless woman with a mysterious past who makes a deadly enemy in Ezekiel Mannings (Gary Oldman), whilst unknowingly delivering a gas bomb due to kill the only living witness who can testify against him.

This beautifully shot feature directed by Zackary Adler sets London’s iconic scenery as a backdrop to the intense action packed story, captured by cinematographer Michel Abramowicz.

Nocturnal premiers at London BFI Film Festival

17th October, 2019

OnSight were delighted to provide full post production on this exciting new feature that had its European premiere screening at BFI's London Film Festival this month. Starring Cosmo Jarvis, Sadie Frost & Lauren Coe

This drama Directed by Nathalie Biancheri as her debut feature alongside producers Coco Marie Schnieder, Colin Michael Day, Chris Hees and David Tomlin. Michal Dymek as cinematographer and Adonis Cupples as editor with executive producers Sam Haillay, Alan McConnell, Assaf Mor.

The Elephant Queen on Apple TV launches November 1st

17th September, 2019

An exciting update on this long awaited feature documentary, ‘The Elephant Queen’ will be released on AppleTV+ November 1st 2019. 

Narrated by Chiwetel Ejiofor, The Elephant Queen is the inspiring story of Athena, an elephant matriarch who leads her family on an tremendous journey across the African Savannah, directed by filmmakers Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble.

''You have been wonderful partners and we are extremely grateful for your support, enthusiasm and all the talent that the OnSight team has brought to the film, thank you.'' - Victoria Stone

Onsight’s post producer Jeff Halsey managed the process and our senior colourist Andy Lee, provided his creative expertise on the film, OnSight have been thrilled to be a part of  the creation of this masterpiece and our happy that Athena’s global journey ends at AppleTV+ streaming globally November 1st.



Tiger Claw Screening at Fighting Spirit Festival at Stratford Picture House

04th September, 2019

Tiger Claw will be screening at Fighting Spirit film festival in London this saturday 7th September at Stratford Picturehouse in the short films competition Part 1.

Directed by James Cotton this comedy short brings back the  Kung Fu genre leaving audiences with stitches - from laughter. Set around 3 young people training in Kung Fu whom are going to a regional tournament until they’re call for justice at stopping a jewellery store robbery is stronger than their call to take the trophy. 

OnSight’s Maggie Maciejczek did the online edit, and colour grade, Andy Lee our Senior Colourist also contributed to the grade of this film with Joana Coelho Post Producer Over seeing the post process for this fun short. Produced, written and directed by James Cotton, & COTTON REEL ENTERTAINMENT.