The Elephant Queen on Apple TV launches November 1st

17th September, 2019

An exciting update on this long awaited feature documentary, ‘The Elephant Queen’ will be released on AppleTV+ November 1st 2019. 

Narrated by Chiwetel Ejiofor, The Elephant Queen is the inspiring story of Athena, an elephant matriarch who leads her family on an tremendous journey across the African Savannah, directed by filmmakers Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble.

''You have been wonderful partners and we are extremely grateful for your support, enthusiasm and all the talent that the OnSight team has brought to the film, thank you.'' - Victoria Stone

Onsight’s post producer Jeff Halsey managed the process and our senior colourist Andy Lee, provided his creative expertise on the film, OnSight have been thrilled to be a part of  the creation of this masterpiece and our happy that Athena’s global journey ends at AppleTV+ streaming globally November 1st.



Tiger Claw Screening at Fighting Spirit Festival at Stratford Picture House

04th September, 2019

Tiger Claw will be screening at Fighting Spirit film festival in London this saturday 7th September at Stratford Picturehouse in the short films competition Part 1.

Directed by James Cotton this comedy short brings back the  Kung Fu genre leaving audiences with stitches - from laughter. Set around 3 young people training in Kung Fu whom are going to a regional tournament until they’re call for justice at stopping a jewellery store robbery is stronger than their call to take the trophy. 

OnSight’s Maggie Maciejczek did the online edit, and colour grade, Andy Lee our Senior Colourist also contributed to the grade of this film with Joana Coelho Post Producer Over seeing the post process for this fun short. Produced, written and directed by James Cotton, & COTTON REEL ENTERTAINMENT.


Beyond the Beach : The Hell and The Hope - Screens at Venice film festival

03rd September, 2019

​Beyond the Beach: The Hell and The Hope screens at La Biennale di Venezia 76th Venice Film Festival.

This 2019 documentary, Beyond the Beach:The Hell and The Hope, shows the impressive work done by volunteers for the Italian Emergency NGO. Directors Graeme Scott and Buddy Squires were given access to film the hard work of the medical staff who “couldn’t do nothing knowing they could do something”. Filmed in Libya, Iraq and Kabul to name a few, this important and touching documentary exposes the worst humanity can inflict as well as highlighting the hardworking struggle in order to save the people affected.

Great Bear Rainforest Feature Documentary is chosen as one of the Jackson Wild Finalists

08th August, 2019

We are very Happy to share the news that Ian Mcallister’s feature documentary “Great Bear Rainforest”  is one of the finalist's for the Jackson Wild Film Festival (formerly the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival).

Selected for “The Best Engaging Youth Film” category, Shot exclusively for the giant screen, from the air with drones and helicopters and on land using traditional natural history techniques, from boats and underwater.

Great Bear Rainforest, offers a remarkable journey into one of the planet's most spectacular wildernesses, a land of wolves, grizzly bears, humpback whales, sea lions, sea otters, and others, as it explores the secret world of the Spirit Bear.

Bruno at Galway Film Fleadh

10th July, 2019

Premiering at Galway Film Fleadh comes a heartfelt story of a lost boy and a homeless man go on a search for a missing dog in an emotionally rich and intense drama set over two days on the streets of London, from the Director of The Honeymooners and Weekender,

Onsight thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the fantastic Angry Bear production team for Bruno, with Karl Golden as director, Katie Hodgkin as producer, Martin Brinkler as editor and Jalaludin Trautmann as Director of Photography.  This heartfelt story follows Daniel (played by Diarmaid Murtagh) a man whom suffered great loss before leaving his normal life. Living in the shadows and surviving on the margins has taken its toll. He desperately wants to find a way back to his former self, however, guilt and shame are insurmountable obstacles. 

OnSight provided full picture post production, with the process managed by post producer Joana Coelho, and colour grade with Andy Lee our senior colourist and online and delivery with our online editor Adam Sample. 

DANIEL is a man without a home. Following a tragedy, he left his wife and drifted into life on the street. His sole companion is a dog called BRUNO. After Daniel is assaulted one night, Bruno goes missing, as Daniel searches for him, he finds IZZY, a boy who has run away from home. 

Over a single day and night, Daniel and Izzy search the streets of London for Bruno. Forming an emotional bond in the face of danger. Each step of their journey taking them closer to home and offering the possibility of redemption.

This strong story comes to life due to principle cast Diarmaid Murtagh (Vikings), Woody Norman, Scarlett Alice Johnson (Call the Midwife), Seun Shote (Black Mirror) in aiding the deliverance of this powerful message.