Blue Jean to Premiere at Venice International Film Festival in the ‘Days’ Giornate Degli Autori sidebar.

31st August, 2022

OnSight are delighted to announce that Blue Jean will World Premiere at the Venice International Film Festival in the ‘Days’ Giornate Degli Autori sidebar in September. Blue Jean is the debut feature for Georgia Oakley, who directs the film from her original screenplay. Oakley is known for her particular fondness for convention defying, female-led narratives; her debut short film “Little Bird” was nominated for best narrative short film at Tribeca Film Festival and her award winning shorts have screened at dozens of international festivals. 

Set in 1988, during Margaret Thatcher’s tenure as UK Prime Minister, Blue Jean is a psychological identity drama following Jean, a gay PE teacher who is forced to live a double life when Thatcher’s government passes a new law that stigmatizes the LGBTQ+ community. The law, known as Section 28, in effect prevented teachers and those working for local authorities from even acknowledging the existence of homosexuality. Although repealed during the early 2000’s, this law's legacy left a lasting culture of shame and homophobia.

Rosy McEwen, who was named one of Variety’s 10 Actors to Watch 2020, stars as the eponymous Jean in her first leading feature film role. Jean is pushed to extreme lengths to keep her job and her integrity when a student threatens to expose her sexuality. 

With Cinematography by Victor Seguin, Blue Jean is produced by Hélène Sifre for Kleio Films and is backed by BBC Film and the BFI, in association with Great Point Media. Marie-Elena Dyche Co-Produces and Executive Producers are Eva Yates and Jim Reeve.

Post Production at OnSight

OnSight are pleased to have delivered picture post production for this powerful identity drama, overseen by Senior Post Producer Jeff Halsey. VFX was completed in-house by Tudor Colac, and Ellie Clissett managed the conform. The grade was completed at OnSight by Colourist Yov Moor and then handed over to OnSight’s Online Editors Adam Sample and Andrew Fisun for finishing.

Blue Jean will World Premiere at Venice International Film Festival on August 31st for press and industry accredited guests and subsequently on September 3rd and 10th for public viewing!

Neil Marshall’s The Lair to Open Fright Fest in World Premiere

01st August, 2022

"Independent Film only works when you get more than what you pay for, and the value-add that Onsight brings with their unparalleled can-do attitude has made THE LAIR the film we always hoped it could be.”  - Daniel-Konrad Cooper, Producer.

The news is out, Fright Fest is opening with the premiere of Director Neil Marshall’s latest action horror The Lair on the 25th August! Marshall describes his latest adrenaline-pumping creation, starring Jonathan Howard (Thor: The Dark World), Charlotte Kirk (The Reckoning) and Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica), as “The Dirty Half Dozen meets The Thing”.

Produced by Daniel-Konrad Cooper for Rather Good Films, The Lair follows RAF fighter pilot Lieutenant Kate Sinclair, after her plane is shot down over a main rebel stronghold in Afghanistan. Whilst being pursued by insurgents, Sinclair finds refuge in an abandoned Soviet Research bunker where she unknowingly awakens the Ravagers - a DNA based biological weapon gone horribly wrong. US troops and British Special Forces rescue Sinclair, although as darkness falls the Ravagers invade their remote army base and a massive fight ensues.

The Lair is Co-Produced by Jonathan Halyperyn, Daniel Kresmery and Kwesi Dickson, with Cinematography by Luke Bryant. Executive Producers are Samantha Allwinton, Reinhard Besser, Charlotte Kirk, Neil Marshall, Phil Rymer, Joe Simpson and Simon Williams.

Post Production at OnSight

OnSight had the pleasure of managing the conform, grade, online and delivery of The Lair, overseen by Senior Post Producer Jeff Halsey. The action-horror film was shot on Sony Venice, which was a treat for our team to work with and looks fantastic on the big screen! Colourist Andy Lee graded the film, set in Afghanistan, to emulate the remote high altitude mountains of the Nangahar Province and a hidden Soviet bunker; creating a fantastic contrast between the bright, barren environment and the dark colourful bunker, where the Ravagers lay in wait.

The Lair was then handed to OnSight’s Senior Online Editor Adam Sample and Online Editors Alfie Mitchell and Dan Bourne. With over 600 VFX shots, The Lair was a great technical challenge for us and the team worked quickly to innovate new bespoke workflows for this project. Working with Director Neil Marshall throughout the post production process, from the offline to the grade and finishing meant the team had a solid understanding of the project and its needs right from the onset.

Producer Daniel-Konrad Cooper describes his experience working with our team of creatives: “Colourist Andy Lee brings energy to every project he undertakes and works with a speed that enables creativity and experimentation in the grading suite to ensure that visiting teams leave with their expectations exceeded. Post Producer Jeff Halsey has worked tirelessly with the online team (Alfie & Adam) to serve the project’s every need - they know our material better than anyone and have been thoughtful and thorough in facilitating our delivery which has evolved and expanded to include VFX deliveries from Sweden and Finland (Filmgate)”.

Hounded to Premiere at Fright Fest 2022

29th July, 2022

"Onsight have been an incredible partner to work with. Adapting to our needs, issues and requests with ease. They have a wonderfully talented team and I couldn't recommend them highly enough" - Ben Jacques, Producer.

Directed by Tommy Boulding, in his debut feature, Hounded follows a gang of young thieves undertaking a robbery of a stately home. Things take a sinister turn after the owners of the house catch the thieves and hunt them across the estate for the proprietors’ entertainment. It’s not often that you become sympathetic for people robbing a home, but this thriller encapsulates this situation perfectly, as the thieves must fight for their lives whilst the evil lady of the manor (Samantha Bond) sets her hounds loose to hunt them down for the most twisted of sports. 

Hounded is Produced by Fiction Films and distributed by Signature Entertainment, with Ben Jacques as Producer, Cinematography by Martyna Knitter, Melissa Massey as Co-Producer, Katie Wilkinson and Elizabeth Williams as Executive Producers. Also starring in this survival thriller are Malachi Pullar-Latchman (YO!), James Lance (Ted Lasso), Larry Lamb (Gavin & Stacey) and James Faulkner (Game of Thrones).

Post Production at OnSight

Director Boulding previously worked as an editor on features including Corinna Faith’s The Power and in 2018 he worked with OnSight whilst editing Possum. We are thrilled to have provided post production services for Boulding’s directorial feature debut Hounded, overseen by Senior Post Producer Jeff Halsey.

Hounded was offlined in Avid by Director and Editor Boulding and handed to OnSight’s Senior Online Editor Adam Sample, who oversaw the finishing process. The conform and grade was performed in Mistika, where our talented in house Senior Colourist Andy Lee made this film come alive with colour. The remaining online was carried out in DaVinci Resolve, by Sample who enjoyed working with Boulding’s beautifully laid out timelines and media with perfect file names and time codes.

There were around 150 VFX shots in total, most are hardly noticeable as they were so seamlessly integrated; however, a fantastic explosion scene added an extra layer of excitement and tension to the film! This project was great fun for our team, with Adam Sample recalling “it’s a great piece of work, which I loved working on and thoroughly enjoyed watching many times!”.

Hounded screens at Fright Fest in its world premiere on August 26th. Book your tickets here.

Jaws versus the Blob for Shark Week on Discovery

25th July, 2022

"Once again, OnSight went above and beyond expectation to help us produce a high quality programme that has really struck a chord with the Shark Week audience. With so much underwater footage filmed on multiple cameras, these shows are tricky to grade but the film looked seamlessly beautiful and sounded great" - Martin Williams, Executive Producer.

Shark Week kicked off on July 24th on Discovery Channel and will feature Jaws versus The Blob, a documentary directed by Pete Chinn and Produced by Talesmith for Discovery Channel with Martin Williams and Carter Figueroa as Executive Producers and Elisabeth Pinto as Production Manager. 

Jaws versus the Blob focuses on a new ocean phenomenon, a marine heatwave known as ‘The Blob’, which sends juvenile great white sharks straight into a feeding frenzy for monster 20ft adult great whites off the coast of Guadalupe Island, near California in the Pacific Ocean. A team of shark experts dive deep to discover if the young sharks survive or become a snack!

Jaws versus the Blob marks our third annual project in partnership with Talesmith for Shark Week, following last year's Return to the Lair of the Great White. With Mariana Kneppers as Assistant Producer and Candice Allgood as Coordinating Producer, the documentary makes diving with sharks look like enormous fun!

Post Production at OnSight

OnSight provided full post production services for Jaws versus the Blob, overseen by Post Producer Joana Coelho. OnSight’s sound department covered the voice over recording and editing, the sound design, track lay and the final mix, with Andy Coles as Sound Designer and Mixer.

Alfie Mitchell conformed the footage, handing it over to Colourist Isabelle Payne. Online Editors Adam Sample and Andrew Fisun finished the project, which included some VFX shots as well as archive footage.

Jaws versus the Blob will air on Discovery and Discovery+ on Friday 29th July as part of the Discovery’s spectacular Shark Week.

Emily Russul Saib re-joins OnSight

04th July, 2022

OnSight has added colourist Emily Russul Saib to its team. Previously a colourist at Company 3, Russul Saib re-joins OnSight a decade after leaving the company.

Having started out in post at OnSight 10 years ago, Russul Saib went on to Prime Focus and Molinare prior to Company 3.

Emily Russul Saib says, “It’s an absolute honour to re-join OnSight, I have huge respect for the quality of the post work that OnSight does, especially the ground breaking technology driven projects. I’m looking forward to working on all different types of content with a company who have such a huge focus on quality.”

Emily is known for her keen eye and deep understanding of the technologies of grading and workflows and is a perfect fit for OnSight. Her recent work includes BBC series including The Mallorca Files and There She Goes, among other long- and short-form projects. At previous companies she helped design workflows and train other employees in Dolby Vision before becoming a colourist in her own right.

“Emily is an amazing talent and we couldn’t be happier she has re-joined the OnSight team,” says Simon Craddock, OnSight’s CEO