ONSIGHT provides shoot to post facilities on its 7th Attenborough project, the new 'Conquest of the Skies'

31st December, 2014

ONSIGHT is the proud provider of cameras and picture post in 4K, HD, 3D and 2D for Colossus Productions’ new landmark series Conquest of the Skies (3D) - the facility’s seventh David Attenborough collaboration with Atlantic Productions and Sky.

The Post division designed a 4K workflow and oversaw the media management, based on a variety of camera formats, including the Epic as provided by ONSIGHT's camera team.  There was also a mixture of shooting techniques, such as a 3D-Epic equipped Octocopter by Digital Cinema Films with R&D from ONSIGHT. This captured incredible aerial footage in Borneo and the UK’s Fenland.  The camera division also provided a wide range of innovative 3D systems.

ONSIGHT later facilitated plate preparations, DI, VFX, conform, QC as well as mastering and deliverables. This included the ability to screen the 4K masters, combining 5K live action with 4K VFX and CGI from Zoo VFX. Senior Colourist Andy Lee maximised the flexibility of SGO Mistika by switching between the colour grade, depth grade and VFX conform.  VFX Stereo Artist Miguel Caamano Riveiro supported the project with stereo corrections and compositing.

In this fascinating series, David Attenborough tells the evolutionary story of flight from the first insects to the vast array of creatures in the skies today.

Conquest of the Skies premieres on Sky 3D and Sky 1 HD on New Year’s Day 2015 with Episodes 2 and 3 continuing on 8 and 15 January respectively, followed by a special making of film.  Watch the extended trailer and visit the series' official website here.



“A visually dazzling study of the evolution of flight” - THE SUNDAY TIMES

“Remarkable series” - THE TELEGRAPH

“Breathtaking photography” - THE GUARDIAN