'Swilly Girl', one of the first UK dramas shot on Panasonic's VariCam 35 & posted in 4K at ONSIGHT

27th July, 2015

Given our long history with the VariCam cameras as well as our shoot to post experience in 4K, we were only too happy to be involved in one of the first UK dramas to be filmed on Panasonic's new VariCam 35 - Swilly Girl. ONSIGHT was one of the first facility companies to test and supply this anticipated 4K camera.

The crime thriller in development is written and directed from BAFTA-Award Winner Peter Nicholson, working alongside his long-time collaborator, BAFTA nominated DoP Nick Dance BSC.  Peter Nicholson describes it as, "a Plymouth based crime thriller about a girl, Mia (played by Victoria Lucie), from the wrong side of the tracks.

She is rescued by a former City trader who’s life then collides with a toxic underworld of crime and deception".  With support from Panasonic, ONSIGHT and Fujinon, they created an exciting feature promo that really put the camera to the test, proving it can produce a high-end filmic look and be used beyond the traditional natural history productions associated with the VariCam family.

One of our Senior Colourists, Max Horton, posted the piece in 4K and commented, "We’ve been involved in evaluating several test shoots, but this unique project gave me the opportunity to work on an array of variables, such as high ISO night-time and smoke sequences.  They each demonstrated the camera’s impressive, wide dynamic range, allowing me to create a natural look designed to stir to reflect Peter and Nick's visions.” 

Nick Dance's experience and observations of the VariCam 35 include, "We shot the character Mia running through the park at twilight at 50fps (needing an extra stop of light to shoot) on the T2 14.5-45 zoom. This would normally be impossible to shoot with available light at this time with any other camera. But with the V35 it has two native ISO settings, 800 and 5000, so I selected 5000 and off we went. What was amazing about it was I could see more through the viewfinder than to the naked eye!".  In addition to, "Whether on the tripod / dolly or hand held, the camera is easy to use ergonomically.  The menu is easy to navigate, and is user-friendly.  The viewfinder is excellent and if you are lighting and operating, the built in waveform is very useful". 

More on Swilly Girl from Nick Dance BSC can be seen in the July (no. 70) issue of British Cinematographer magazine.

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