'Draw on Sweet Night' uses ONSIGHT from shoot to post & opens in cinemas

23rd March, 2015

Capriol Films’ new feature Draw on Sweet Night chronicles the intriguing life of composer John Wilbye, overlayed by his music and cutting to singers in the present day.  After supporting the Alexa shoot, ONSIGHT is the picture post provider and delighted to hear it opens in cinemas from 7 September.

The team's newest Senior Colourist Max Horton has been liaising with Director Tony Britten and DoP Phil Wood throughout the grade to reflect the different periods, involving a 16th century country setting to a documentary style studio environment.  

As seen in British Cinematographer Issue 70 - July, Max commented, "I used rich warm tones, especially on the candlelit period sequences, in contrast to a flat docu-style that involves the renowned vocal group I Fagiolini in the modern day. Effort was also made in the grade and initial cinematography to give an all seasons feel when the principal shoot took place in late November.”  Phil remarked, “I wanted to strike a balance with the look and style for this film, which felt authentic to a Tudor period, yet had a strong filmic identity of its own. Most scenes were lit with multiple colour temperatures, using a combination of flame light, daylight or moonlight, to give a sense of depth and detail to the scene. I decided to under-light several scenes, purely using candle and flame light, in order to create a sense of tension and drama. This also allowed me to take full advantage of the enhanced sensitivity of the Alexa with Cooke S4 lenses, provided by ONSIGHT. As always, it was great to collaborate with the team there.”

This striking piece, produced by Katja Mordaunt, stars Doon Mackichan, Mark Arends, Christian McKay and Sophia Di Martino.  See more from Production here, including the trailer and screening dates in September plus October.  Draw On Sweet Night is also being sold internationally.