Queen Rock Montreal

17th November, 2007

Eagle Rock’s – Queen Rock Montreal is a special Christmas release for the legions of Queen fans still eager for more of the Band.

The latest film scanning techniques together with new HD consumer DVD formats brought the possibility of resurrecting the band at the peak of their powers with the best re-mastering methods currently available.

The original 35mm film was scanned at 4k in the US at DTS who used the latest technology to enhance the quality and sharpness of picture. The 4k files were then returned to the UK where they were re-edited and graded to a Queen approved version for DVD, HD DVD, Bluray and theatrical release. Queen re-mastered the audio for DTS surround sound which was then laid back to HDCAM SR before delivering to On Sight where it was QC’d and delivery copies were made.

Due to the complex nature of the project a number of versions and formats were requested within the delivery specifications from Eagle Rock. Therefore after the QC for the HDCAM SR with stereo, surround sound and commentary tracks, in consultation with Queen Productions and Eagle, On Sight performed tests to establish the best route for PAL and NTSC downconversions and HD cross-conversions.

This was then followed by technical assessments on all audio mixes (such as the theatrical and television) and coupled with the conversion techniques to produce various masters for international broadcast.

In addition On Sight onlined and performed the QC for the 60min TV version of Queen Rock Montreal which was screened at the DVD launch party.

Rosie Holley of Eagle Rock commented on working with On Sight: “On Sight are very easy to deal with and they ‘got’ the enormity of the project straightaway. They are flexible in their approach and never let us down.”