Idris Elba's 'King For A Term' premieres this summer

05th June, 2015

Idris Elba returns to the small screen with a poignant story he has written and directed - King For A Term. Produced by Sprout Pictures, the Playhouse Presents will now air 9 July on Sky Arts. ONSIGHT is the picture and audio post provider.

Described as, “funny, playful, personal and yet wholly accessible to anyone who has ever felt like a bit of an outsider”, the new comedy/drama is based on Elba’s childhood in Hackney, following a young boy who suddenly starts at a school that includes kids with learning difficulties.

The ONSIGHT team provided the offline through to deliverables. Senior Colourist Andy Lee created a distinct look, based on Production’s colour theme in the realms of the early 1980s, where the story takes place.  Andy Coles provided the sound design, working with Elba right from the offline stage to help convey the child-like energy required throughout.   

Watch the trailer here and see more from us in Broadcast magazine's CREATIVE REVIEW.

This is not the first time ONSIGHT has collaborated with Elba and Sprout Pictures, following the successful Playhouse Presents: Pavement Psychologist, starring Anna Friel.  An ongoing client of ONSIGHT's, Sprout's MD and Executive Producer Gina Carter recently said, "ONSIGHT quickly understood not only our technical requirements, but also the editorial needs to fulfil the brief. It was a pleasure working with the team again and from their [relocated] post facility too.”