Women in Data Conference 28th November

09th December, 2019

Women in Data UK is a movement and a force for change in the realm of data science and analytics. 

Aella Jordan Edge is the female director making the Women in Data ad to encourage young girls to take the next steps in careers in maths and science sectors.

“I loved working with an all women team. The facilities were excellent, I can't thank OnSight enough for believing in the film and putting time into this project!” - Aella Jordan Edge Director

This film from Women in Data, is just one of the ways they are showing commitment to support and encourage girls approaching higher education to carry on studying science & maths based subjects. Directed by Aella Jordan Edge. The film highlights the opportunities and job roles available to them in these sectors. The film shows the already accomplished and successful women running some of the most integral jobs in the business world today. 

Giant data using business’ such as ‘GOOGLE’ and ‘TFL’ are included. With some great animated motion picture provided by Jadestone Media.

OnSight provided online and colour grade work by Maggie Maciejczek-Potter, and OnSight’s Post Producer Callina Pearson for this Women in Data short film. At OnSight we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technologies for TV and Film Post services in the UK, this level of excellence can only be achieved with our great team of creative professionals. We are fortunate to have a balanced team here at OnSight. Which is why when we came across the great opportunity to support this ‘Women In Data’ film we were happy to be part of the movement!

I was after a specific look and worked with Maggie over two sessions to perfect it. She was patient with me and in the end we got a grade I'm really happy with.

The facilities were excellent, I had all the lemon ginger and honey I needed! Everyone was really friendly, helpful and I loved working with an all women team. - Aella Jordan Edge Director