Winning with the War on Democracy

13th June, 2008

"They are the awards the media really want to win, a unique set of awards that recognise commitment, originality and verve"- Jon Snow, Channel 4 News

On Sight would like to congratulate John Pilger, Youngheart and Granada on their first co-production "The War on Democracy" winning the One World TV Documentary Award.

The One World Broadcasting Trust is a UK-based organisation which aims to increase global understanding through effective use of the media. Their annual One World Media Awards is one of the foremost Awards events in the UK and rewards excellence in media coverage on the vital issues of international development.

Set in Latin America and The United States, The War on Democracy also marks John Pilger's first foray into both documentary cinema and HD filming. On Sight's hire arm supplied one of the Panasonic Varicams used for the shoot in South America whilst the On Sight technical facility handled all the digitising and media management along with the on-line and grading.

Chris Martin, Director for The War on Democracy had singled out two things that made a huge difference to the final product. First was the decision to use two cameras. "It absolutely saved us because it meant that we had a much better range of images to choose from. The other big step was deciding to use HD - and On Sight's expertise."

"I rate On Sight highly, they were always unflappable and professional"

Chris Martin, Director, The War on Democracy

For news on other winners at this years One World Media Awards visit www.owbt.org