Wild Africa 3D and Amazon Adventure are finalists at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

16th August, 2017

Wild Africa 3D is up for Best Theatrical Film and Amazon Adventure is nominated for Best Original Score at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival in Missouri, USA. The festival, which happens once every two years during a 6-day summit at the Jackson Lake Lodge, awards excellence amongst wildlife films. More than 150 preliminary judges reviewed over 600 submissions to determine the 2017 finalists.

Amazon Adventure tells the epic story of explorer Henry Bates 11-years journey through the amazing Amazon rainforest as a young man, while Wild Africa 3D takes the audience on a spectacular journey across, over, and through the magical realms of the wildest continent on earth.

Onsight delivered the 3D dimensionalising of the project as well as carrying out 3D VFX artistry and fixes for Amazon Adventure, all in 6K for Giant Screen 15/70mm and Laser Projection delivery. For Wild Africa, the services Onsight provided included digital remastering and deliverables for the Giant Screen theatrical version, in addition to reformatting for the 15/70mm dome filmout. Amazon Adventure is touring Giant Screen and Imax Theatres in the USA and Canada all through 2017.

Theatres listed at http://amazonadventurefilm.com/.