25th April, 2020

'Thoughout the C19 experience working with OnSight has been fantastic and they have been incredibly flexible. They're also a lovely company and couldn't do enough for us - a real pleasure to deal with.’ - Gillian Mosely, Medialab UK

Tinderbox is a controversial, revealing and timely new feature documentary exploring both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At its core, it follows BAFTA/multi-award-winning filmmaker Gillian Mosely’s personal journey.

Exposing surprising, uncomfortable and shocking truths, this is an important film that will provide a valuable context and help people make up their own minds – or even change them.

Tinderbox shows a wide variety of contemporary voices, ranging from a Settler to a political member of Hamas. Today, while this conflict still rages, an American Middle East Peace Plan is in the works and anti-Semitism and Islamophobia remain as globally controversial and prevalent as ever.

It’s the first time the facts behind the divide have been brought to the screen in a single film, and delves deep into its history.

This film provides context and shows how history continues to play out in the daily lives of people on either side of the divide. The documentary challenges and empowers the audiences to re-evaluate their beliefs.

OnSight is honoured to have completed full post production for Tinderbox and working along Medialab UK with sound design by Andy Coles, Colour grade by Andy Lee and post produced by Callina Pearson.