The Amazing World Of Gumball Scores two BAFTA Kids Nominations

24th October, 2017

Cartoon Network’s British-American animated TV sitcom The Amazing World of Gumball secured two nominations for the 2017 British Academy Children’s Awards. The show is nominated for best writing and animation. The ceremony will take place at the London Roundhouse on Sunday, Nov. 26.

Since its initial release in 2011, Gumball has garnered exceptional ratings and recognitions.

Full of quirky characters, Gumball’s world is a place where children’s wildest imaginations will likely come to life. The unique characters in the series are sure to garner some chuckles. One unique feature of the series is its lack of stylistic unity. Characters are designed, filmed, and animated using multiple styles and techniques.

Cartoon Network’s parent company Turner Broadcasting has been working closely with Onsight. The award-winning sitcom’s colourful and energetic post production style is crafted by our online editors Adam Sample and Maggie Maciejczek.