ONSIGHT works on 'The Queen's Garden' from shoot to post

12th December, 2014

ONSIGHT is the provider of cameras and picture post for Oxford Scientific Films’ new ITV series The Queen’s Garden. Alan Titchmarsh spends a whole year exploring a royal treasure, the Buckingham Palace Garden.

The film uses a variety of cutting edge camera methods for natural history. These include timelapse photography and infrared, overseen by lead DoP Robin Cox.  ONSIGHT supplied the principal camera, the RED Epic, with E mount lenses.

In post, the ONSIGHT team managed all of the media.  It involved a large amount of data when the shoot spanned a year, in order to capture the seasonal changes and notable history of this extraordinary urban oasis. The facility hosted the offline with Director Martin Williams and then took on the online and grade performed by Matt Pamplin and Andy Lee respectively.


The Queen's Garden starts on Christmas Day, ITV1.  More to come.