The Bachelor King 3D dives into action

06th January, 2012

We congratulate Atlantic Productions and the teams involved in creating another stunning documentary – The Bachelor King 3D with David Attenborough. The project started some time ago and tells the story of a King Penguin’s life struggles and successes in the remote Sub-Antarctic.

Shot on location in South Georgia, ONSIGHT embraced the challenge of designing a bespoke workflow and a compliment of equipment to suit the enormously challenging conditions. The Camera Rental department supplied cameras and accessories plus skilled crew. RED Ones and SI-2Ks were selected using 3Ality Technica Quasar and Neutron rigs for quality, flexibility and reliability the project required. Combined with Ultra Prime and Optimo DP lenses, the penguins’ world was filmed over 5 months. The small 3D crew, including DoP Paul Williams, were not short of roles or experiences as the shoot unfolded.

Based on a boat, the crew had to adapt to the ever-changing weather that would flip from sunshine to torrential rain, not forgetting the temperatures. Building rain covers and modifying batteries to last longer became part of the job. If something malfunctioned, they repaired it. On one occasion, filming Macaroni penguins at Hercules Bay forced the crew to dismantle the equipment, climb up to the desired shooting point and rebuild the rig. You could say this was a Herculean effort! After long days, our Technician was able to run through the dailies on the boat, which included millions of penguins, groups of fur seals and elephant seals. The material was strong, helped by the fact the King Penguin and friends were not shy, but rather intrigued by the kit and people.

The support did not stop there with ONSIGHT providing full post production at our Soho office. The Lab & Post department backed up and processed all of the offline rushes. The conforming and online stages soon followed, including all technical 3D adjustments. VFX was also covered by the team for various fixes and elements. Using SGO Mistika, our Colourist graded and mastered the production to bring to life the awesome landscape and characters. The dimension of 3D adds to the story-telling in this great wilderness. Sir David Attenborough said: "3D allows you to literally step inside the King Penguin’s world."

The story follows the King Penguin as he grows, ultimately taking on the responsibility of family.  Like never before, we see the joys, battles and the fun, which these incredible creatures must encounter - all in the name of survival.

To find out more, please visit: http://sky1.sky.com/sky1hd-shows/the-bachelor-king

The Bachelor King 3D with David Attenborough made its TV world premiere on New Year’s Eve 2011. Theatrical releases to come.