Susu A Yixi Sun Movie

05th October, 2017

Susu has been selected for the 41st Montreal World Film Festival in THE FIRST FILMS WORLD COMPETITION. More than 100 news articles about the film have been published across major media channels, including BBC world Service, Montreal Festival Official Radio, China Xinahua News Agency, China News Agency, China Daily, Netease News, Sina Entertainment and many more.

Susu, written and directed by Yixi Sun is the story of two Chinese Girls who are offered a film translation job, at a secluded, old English mansion. There they discover gruesome family secrets and learn about the traumatized past of the Kunqu opera star, Susu. They try to escape from the evil they have uncovered, but to their horror, soon realise that the mansion does not want to let them go.

Onsight was delighted to work alongside Yixi Sun to provide full Picture Post Production on the feature, including conform, grade, online, audio and deliverables. The film is now being exhibited in theatres and at festivals around the world.

I love working with lovely people at Onsight… Their limitless talent, commitment to quality and collaboration have been an absolute joy to be around and their intrinsic passion of filmmaking, make our post a brilliant experience and make me feel at home. What more can I say!  Thank you to the team at Onsight for helping produce Susu. Here’s to the next time. Love Yixi

Yixi Sun Writer/Director