Spring Films: Where The Wind Blew

01st October, 2017

Emmy Award winning Spring Films have created 'Where The Wind Blew', telling the story of Kazakhstan's place in the Cold War struggle for nuclear supremacy, and the power of the human spirit as victims and participants from that struggle found their own ways to survive.

This feature-length documentary follows Kazakhstan’s fight to be rid of its nuclear legacy and its call for a peaceful world free from the threat of nuclear weapons.

Onsight completed full post of Offline, Online, Sound, 4K Grade and delivery. Colourist Andy Lee worked with director André Singer and DOP Richard Blanchard on the 4K theatrical grade and Any Coles delivered the 5.1 surround sound mix.

“The harrowing tale put together in the Spring Films new production ‘Where the Wind Blew’ depended on a sensitive and collegiate post production team with facilities to match. I am delighted that we found just that at Onsight and the final result reflects the effective and professional cooperation between our two companies.” - André Singer, CEO, Spring Films and director of ‘Where the Wind Blew’.