Quasar 3D rig at ONSIGHT

31st March, 2010

ONSIGHT's Camera Rental team continue to expand their range of 3D camera equipment with the purchase of an Element Technica Quasar 3D rig.

Los Angeles based Element Technica strive to make products as aesthetically pleasing as possible with the guiding design principle being functionality. 

The Quasar’s modularity allows it to be configured as either a beamsplitter system for close work with wide lenses or alternately set up as a converging side-by-side system for use at live broadcast events with extreme focal lengths. For the first time the precision and refinement of a beamsplitter system is offered in a side-by-side rig utilizing the same electro-mechanical components and same user interface.

ONSIGHT would recommend clients call us to discuss their 3D workflow before any stereoscopic shoot. To hire the Quasar 3D rig or for more information on shooting 3D call the Camera Rental team on 020 7637 0888.