PINK - All I Know So Far

15th May, 2021

Onsight were an invaluable partner for me during the offline and post stages of Pink "all I know so far". From the moment we arrived we felt like we were in great hands. We threw a number of challenges at the team along the way and each time we were met with calm understanding and solutions. I can’t wait to come back with my next project. - Isabella Parish, Luminaries productions.

Pink: All I Know So Far, a new Amazon concert documentary on the singer, confirms what fans might already know about the pop star’s new life, one in which she balances her commitment to her children with the demands of her prolific career.

The film, directed by Michael Gracey (The Greatest Showman) and produced by Isabella Parish is endearing — a love letter to the fans who’ve watched the musician grow up, and to her children, who might not remember all the details about their badass mother.

OnSight provided post production services for the documentary and have grown a great relationship with Luminaries productions. 

The doc follows Pink during the summer of 2019 as she jets through Europe on her “Beautiful Trauma” world tour with her kids and husband, Carey Hart, a former professional motocross competitor. Its opening moments successfully juxtapose two sides of the musician: the fearless performer swinging on a chandelier-like structure above a crowded stadium in a black glitter leotard, and the busy mother ushering her family from one city to the next.

Beginning in Amsterdam, Pink, via voiceover, discusses the challenges of life on the road and the new anxieties brought on by motherhood. She doesn’t just want her tour to be perfect for fans; she also wants it to be worthwhile for her kids. “The only way I can justify dragging my family all over the world is that we are making memories together,” she says. That’s a lot of pressure, and although the labor of both performances — as musician and mother — bubbles under the surface of the film, it never fully erupts.

Instead, All I Know So Far revels in sweet memories — rehearsals for her show, bike rides through different cities and unplanned moments laughing and lounging in various hotel rooms. These scenes double as revelations on her family’s dynamics (an emphasis on mutual respect, open communication and sardonic humor) and evidence of Pink’s positive parenting style, which is clearly influenced by her career-defining rebellious nature. The star does not want her children to grow out of their quirks, so she tries hard to foster an inclusive nurturing environment. Doing so requires acknowledging how her children’s spirits align with hers, but also embracing their differences.

All I Know So Far charms all existing and new fans of the singer. The film announces a different stage in her life, one in which she’s harnessing her defiant spirit and persistent optimism to show the world that, yes, she’s still a rock star.