Peter Gabriel's Musical Event arranged in 3D

08th September, 2011

ONSIGHT and Eagle Rock Entertainment have joined forces again, this time for the concert film, Peter Gabriel: New Blood Live In London. As 3D pioneers, we were more than happy to assist Eagle with their 3D debut.

Shot at the Hammersmith Apollo in Stereoscopic 3D, we provided 3D minicams alongside Telegenic’s studio style cameras and facilitated full lab and post services.

With Peter Gabriel universally recognised as an innovative performer, it was a pleasure working on this stand-out piece when innovation is a key part of what we do - fulfilling our clients’ visions through cutting edge technology. Using SGO’s MISTIKA, our colourist Andy Lee conducted S3D finishing and colour grade under the creative guidance of Director Blue Leach. Complimentary and striking imagery were added to the 3D definition, enhancing this unique live show experience.

The offline stages were also nothing short of extensive. With a variety of material capturing the 46-piece orchestra, a number of video screens and sold-out audience, offline Editor Ian Baigent completed the edit arrangement with the Director in both HD and 3D. They were in fact joined at our Soho office by Peter Gabriel himself, as the artist was very involved in the development.

ONSIGHT provided expert quality control for everything, which was critical due to the wide distribution. Joss Crowley, Producer, oversaw the long list of requirements, including the theatrical, Sky and international television deliverables.

Peter Gabriel: New Blood Live In London, including new and established tracks, is in cinemas from 11 September and will be available on multiple formats.

Photograph by York Tillyer.