Penguins 3D for Giant Screen, delivered by ONSIGHT

12th August, 2013

Penguins 3D is a new film, produced by Atlantic Productions in association with Sky and US-based Galileo Digital Entertainment. ONSIGHT provided full production facilities.  The film is available as 40- and 20-minute versions in 3D and 2D, 15-perf./70-mm, and digital in 4K and 2K.

Written and narrated by renowned naturalist and filmmaker David Attenborough, the film depicts the fortunes of a young male King Penguin on the sub-Antarctic island, known as Penguin City. Among six million penguins, he must earn his place, find a mate and raise a family.

It was shot in 4K 3D on location over a five-month period. In challenging conditions, ONSIGHT provided cameras and technical support throughout. The island is South Georgia, a remote British overseas territory with albatrosses, leopard seals, elephant seals and one of the world’s largest gatherings of King Penguins.  The film was graded by ONSIGHT Colourist Andy Lee.

“Audiences have loved our recreation of pterosaurs in Flying Monsters 3D”, says CEO of Atlantic Productions and Producer of Penguins 3D Anthony Geffen. Talking specifically about the 3D, he adds, “You can have any number of brilliant 3D shots, but without a compelling story at its heart the film won’t work.  What the 3D medium offers is a uniquely intimate experience, inviting audiences to literally step inside the world of the King Penguin. This is a truly groundbreaking film set in a virtually unknown sub-Antarctic location.”

Penguins 3D is available exclusively through nWave at IMAX theatres, RealD and digital 3D giant screen cinemas in the UK and the US.

Having worked on the multiple award-winning Flying Monsters 3D, ONSIGHT is proud to have provided equipment rental and picture post services on Penguins 3D.

For more info, visit http://www.penguinsthefilm.com/.

The official trailer for IMAX can be seen here.