ONSIGHT's cutting edge DCI compliant DI Reference Suite for 3D colour grading & viewing

12th January, 2012

ONSIGHT is proud to announce a brand new DI Reference Suite, installed at their post production office in Soho. This state of the art facility includes projection from Barco and stereoscopic 3D by RealD to maximise large screen quality in both 2D and 3D.

ONSIGHT is committed to high end finishing and providing services throughout the entire production process. This unique room allows them to offer clients a true depiction of how the completed film or programme will look in a theatrical environment.

The technology has been an essential part in meeting these standards. Sound Associates supported the development of the grading suite by overseeing the installation and managing the projection equipment and 3D system. ONSIGHT chose the Barco DP2K-P as it fulfils the performance demands of 2D and 3D colour grading, making them the first UK facility to install this model of projector. It exceeds the normal Digital Cinema Initiative specification by improved contrast, superior brightness uniformity and an extended colour gamut. ONSIGHT has also installed RealD 3D, the world’s most widely used 3D cinema technology. With increasingly more colour grading and stereoscopic finishing being delivered by the Post department, the addition of RealD 3D technology ensures customers see 3D just as cinema audiences would.

ONSIGHT’s first project in the reference room is a classic opera shot natively in 3D for the big screen, ‘Madam Butterfly 3D’, a co-production of RealD and the Royal Opera House, produced by Principal Large Format (PLF). Robert Mayson, Managing Director of RealD Europe Limited, says, “Working with ONSIGHT during the final grade of the production of ‘Madam Butterfly 3D’ was an excellent experience. The new 3D suite really delivers and we are extremely pleased with the final result.” Phil Streather, CEO of PLF and Producer of the film says, “By installing a RealD system in the DI Suite, ONSIGHT has set themselves apart from all other finishing houses in the UK. A great step forward for 3D post and I am proud to be the first client to use the upgraded facility.” Julian Napier, the film’s Director adds, “I wanted to be able to watch the final colour grade of the film and be assured that what I was seeing would be how audiences would also see it. We’ve now been to the end of the process and I’m truly delighted with the results.”

ONSIGHT is working on a number of big screen projects to be finished in the new year. For a viewing of this new DI Reference Suite, please contact +44(0)20 7637 0888.

Photo by Ollie Upton, © RealD and the Royal Opera House