ONSIGHT's Colourist David Gonzalez Lozano selected for Broadcast 2013 Hot Shots

22nd August, 2013

Congratulations to our Colourist and Online Editor, David Gonzalez Lozano, for being named one of the Broadcast 2013 Hot Shots!  It is terrific news for him and our post production team in Soho.

The entries focus on talented under-30s working in TV with established work to their name. Read the comments from this week's Broadcast magazine below.


David Gonzalez Lozano 28

Colourist and Online Editor, ONSIGHT

Following the colour grade of First, The Official Film of the London 2012 Olympic Games, Director Caroline Rowland praised David for having "the rare ability to translate verbal descriptions into cinematic light and shade".

Cutting his teeth as a Mistika Operator in Spain, David's tenacity for post brought him to London, where he has gone from Operator to one of ONSIGHT's leading Colourists and Online Editors - wth the BBC's first 3D scripted drama, Mr Stink, under his belt, plus two of Sky's Little Crackers.

He is also well versed in natural history - working on David Attenborough's Micro Monsters 3D andKingdom of Plants 3D for Sky, demonstrating his ability to correct 3D macro photography with a high degree of precision and expertise. ONSIGHT Chief Operating Officer Andy Shelley says: "He seems to welcome a challenge, taking technically complex projects in his stride."

Broadcast Hot Shots digital edition can be found here in full.