ONSIGHT's 3D Mistika suite is a world first

28th January, 2010

HD & 3D experts ONSIGHT have just had work on their new 3D Mistika suite completed. The purpose built room at their Berners Street location offers 3D viewing through a pair of DCI compliant projectiondesign projectors.

ONSIGHT's SGO Mistika is used for stereoscopic productions and handles files up to 4K in size with real time 3D colour grading. Audio is taken care of by a 5.1 surround sound system.

ONSIGHT purchased their SGO Mistika system back in 2009 and were the first company in London to place an order. Geoff Mills, director of sales and operations for SGO UK said: “We have worked closely with ONSIGHT to provide the perfect tool for their needs.”

The 3D finishing suite demands the very best in projection and after much research, it was projectiondesign that had the best solution, resulting in the world's first 3D 3-chip DLP stereo projection installation.

The cineo80 projectors use ACOP optical colour processing technology and by combining fixed and motorised optical filters for each colour channel, the projectors can be optically calibrated with near infinite accuracy.

The new suite completes an entire 3D solution from ONSIGHT. Camera rental department Axis Films offers an array of 3D rigs and camera systems such as RED and SI-2K with the Lab * Post team providing production and deliverable services as well as support for post-production clients. 

ONSIGHT have recently worked on a number of 3D projects for music, commercial and feature clients. The combination of an SGO Mistika and dual cine80 projectiondesign projectors has meant ONSIGHT delivering breathtaking results every time.